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5 Tips You Must Follow After Every Blog Post

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Creating high-quality, informative and entertaining content for your blog is an absolute must. But even if you have the best content on the web, there are a few things you still need to do in order to promote your blog and build your reader base.
 5 Tips You Must Follow After Every Blog Post

1. Use Social Media

It’s obvious that social media sites are a great way to drive traffic to your blog, but many people simply don’t post regularly on social media sites or assume that readers and fans already know about their blog and they’ll check it on their own. They won’t!

Update your social media account right after your new blog post goes live and add updates throughout the day of your post to catch new readers. Just make sure you don’t copy and paste the same message each time – that can really annoy readers. Create a new, short message each time, even if you’re only using the post as a way to get people to click a link to your blog.

2. Don’t Ignore E-mail

Collect e-mail addresses from your regular readers or people you meet out in the real world.  You should be sending an e-mail to your readers and potential readers after each blog post. If you post multiple times per day, you may want to limit your e-mails to one per day to keep your readers from feeling like you’re flooding their inbox.

3. Reach Out to Other Bloggers

After each post you should consider asking a fellow blogger to mention your post on their site or social media network. This can be an excellent way to reach new readers. However, you don’t want to ask the same person over and over. Instead, build a network of bloggers that talk about a similar or related subject and ask each one to share from time to time. They will most likely ask you to share their work in return, so choose only blogs that do high-quality work.

4. Social Bookmarks

While social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon might seem a bit outdated, using them is incredibly easy and they can still help generate traffic to your blog. You never know who might see your blog and share it, so when something is as easy as including a blog post on a social bookmarking site, there’s no reason not to do it.

5. Use Blog-Like Social Sites

Blog-like sites like Tumblr can really help to drive traffic to your blog. The easiest way to use sites like Tumblr is to simply set up an account and copy your posts to your Tumblr page. You don’t have to copy every post, in fact, you may not want to. If you do choose to copy posts to Tumblr, make sure you always include a link to your blog.

Marcela De Vivo writes about internet marketing and helps small businesses establish a successful online presence.  She writes for, which helps to blogs move to wordpress.