List Eruption 2.0 Reviews – Viral List Building Plugin For WordPress

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As I remembered that I have not written any reviews for nearly 1.5 years now. There are numerous reasons to this abnormal habit but the most important thing that prevented me doing so was my heavy workload with some big plans.

The most challenging plan that several of you might know is that I have just accepted an offer from AusAID for 2 years doing master degree at The University of Melbourne, Australia starting this June. Another big project and not less challenging one is my training course for Vietnamese bloggers. These two projects consume most of my time and I have had a feeling that I should sell this blog to stay focused on other things but I did not. That seems to be a right decision at least now icon smile List Eruption 2.0 Reviews   Viral List Building Plugin For WordPress

Today I would like to share with you my real experiences using List eruption plugin version 1.2 as the list eruption 2.0 is not released yet until May 9 11:00 EST.

My list eruption 2.0 reviews is most based on my experiences using list eruption 1.2 but I think that there are no big changes between two versions in terms of functions.

list eruption 2 reviews List Eruption 2.0 Reviews   Viral List Building Plugin For WordPress

List Eruption 2 Referral System

Looking at my first ever video review for the list eruption 2.0, you will see how powerful this tool is in terms of list building and how it can make it viral through its own referral and rewarding system:

The video show you list eruption 1.2 version back-end and you are aware of its features and how it will make your list building viral right?

Not much to share now as all are mentioned visually in my video and the only thing you should be aware that if you are interested in getting a copy of list eruption 2.0 tomorrow, you can think about ordering it via this list eruption 2.0 reviews site and enjoy our great bonuses.

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  • I see affiliate promos for this plugin everywhere over the last few days. Everyone is trying to flog this plugin everywhere. Dozens of people are posting ‘reviews’ that are really Affiliate sales pitches.

    I know this plugin went live a couple of days ago. Is this how Viral Marketing works? I’d really like to know. How can anyone trust these ‘reviews’ that are really only sales pitches? Do they hope to ‘catch’ people who don’t surf around to see what else is posted online? Have these people who post ‘Reviews’ really bought this plugin and tested it for themselves? I doubt it.

    This is a genuine question and in no way is intends to criticize your own review here, Tinh Tran, because you are one of the few people online that I trust.

    That is why I believe I can ask you about this, and get an honest answer.

  • Hey Tinh, Great review.. will surely give it a try…

  • After waching the video a think this is a great plugin

  • After reading this post definitely I am going to use this on my blog, this is very nice post thanks for sharing with us.

  • I have used this plugin.It fits perfect in Facebook Tabs, Mobile and Tablet Devices.It allows you to reward each subscriber by easily creating VIRAL
    reward systems where the more they engage with your…

    - Freebie/Paid Offer
    - Social Media Profiles
    - Content (white paper, videos, etc..)

  • Wow! this is very informative and the video is also excellent to understand about this plugin. thanks for sharing .

  • That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail. Very easy to follow with good content. We should take get hold of this post, read and impliment the points outlined.

  • Thanks Tinh for this plugin’s Review, I was looking for the same and I think I found the one. Your video share was helpful for me.
    Thanks bro

  • Hi Tinh, very helpful info I was browsing for this info and found it here. Your video is also great………

  • Hi, Tinh Tran
    Very informative video,And yes this is a very helpful plugin,Thanks for sharing .

  • Hi Tinh, this is a very nice review , Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice review post.Thanks for sharing this.

  • Great review post dude. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi,
    Nice sharing. It is a needed information for me. Because I’m just getting started. Informative post and thanks for sharing.

  • Nice review, maybe I will try it.

  • Informative video as it’s clearly indicated whole episode of the plugin. However, I am going to install in my WP blog.

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