CouponPress 6.1 Just Released with Awesome Features


CouponPress seems to be among the most powerful and professional WordPress theme that can instantly turn your WordPress into a coupon site in minutes. However, very few of you noticed that the latest version of CouponPress 6.1 has just released several days ago and I had a chance to test its beta and now the stable version was released with a lot of new features too.

Coupons are very important and all of you know this too. If you are an internet marketer or affiliate marketer, you will be aware of importance of discount coupons in order to boost affiliate revenue. All of us love saving our budget for online shopping and coupons are always the best incentive to boost sale volume. The more sales you generate, the bigger commission you will get.

Let’s see both version of CouponPress 5 vs CouponPress 6:

couponpress 5 version 600x554 CouponPress 6.1 Just Released with Awesome Features

CouponPress 5.0

couponpress demo 592x600 CouponPress 6.1 Just Released with Awesome Features

CouponPress 6.1

Looking at two versions of CouponPress, I must say that I really love the new version, not just because of its revamped layout but also its internal options panel too.

Her are some great features that you should know about this 6.1 version:

couponpress 6 general setting 600x460 CouponPress 6.1 Just Released with Awesome Features

CouponPress 6 - General Settings

couponpress 6 display 600x431 CouponPress 6.1 Just Released with Awesome Features

CouponPress 6 Display Settings

couponpress 6 listing options CouponPress 6.1 Just Released with Awesome Features

CouponPress 6 Listing Options

There are a lot of cool features that have just been integrated in this version that I can not capture and share them here. However, looking at your options panel, you will see some new addons such as: Messages, Feedback, Article Manager and FAQ Manager. These features will boost your line of communication with your clients who would like to order your packages.

You can see the live DEMO at Blogger Coupons and try to explore most of its cool features there. There are more features that have not been activated yet like Featured listing, slider….

The price for CouponPress 6.0 remains unchanged at $79 per license but you can get $20 off sale with this coupon: CUSTOMERPRESS

Good luck and enjoy the new version!

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  • Couponpress has come out again with great set of features. I am planning to launch a new site with hosting coupons. Have to purchase coupon press soon. Waiting for discount.

    • The new version is very good and I love this version and the development team takes almost inputs from members :-)

  • I meant to ask before, do you have a coupon site?

  • Just update that CouponPress 6.1.1 just released this morning with some bugs fixed and you can upgrade from your admin automatically. This auto-upgrade is beta testing but it works with me like a charm :-)

  • Hi guys

    I just bought the coupon theme for a voucher site in the UK. I used the discount code, worked a treat. Thanks.

    I’ll let you know how I get on.

    I think it will be

    • Good luck dude and I am eager to see your new coupon site :-)

  • Very great feature.
    On my coupons site only use wordpress standar. Next I will switch to couponpress.
    Thanks for you coupons.

  • How about loading speed of CouponPress, I see some websites powered by couponpress are slow

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