How To Get Theme Junkie Themes FREE and 35% Off Coupon [Contest]


Since AZBlogTips was born, this is the first contest I have ever conducted and hope I would make more contests with other sponsors in the coming time. This contests can be considered a giveaway that you can get premium themes and membership of Theme Junkie for 1 full year FREE that can cost you $49.95.

Before going into details, I would like to say “Thank you” to Roy – the owner of Theme Junkie for sponsoring this contest. Without his offer, AZBlogTips can not conduct this contest giveaways and you will get your premium themes for FREE.

Here are several featured themes for your reference:

bigfoot How To Get Theme Junkie Themes FREE and 35% Off Coupon [Contest]

BigFoot Theme


cubelight How To Get Theme Junkie Themes FREE and 35% Off Coupon [Contest]


division How To Get Theme Junkie Themes FREE and 35% Off Coupon [Contest]


fashionpro How To Get Theme Junkie Themes FREE and 35% Off Coupon [Contest]


gadget How To Get Theme Junkie Themes FREE and 35% Off Coupon [Contest]



There are many other premium themes designed by Theme Junkie that I can not show it here. You can check theme all out and see what would best fit your business and remember to use the coupon code below and enjoy 35% off sale.

Theme Junkie is among the top WordPress theme designers that most of you have heard and there have been 16 premium themes released since its launch including 14 premium themes and 2 free themes. All WordPress themes designed by Theme Junkie team have the following features:

  • Advanced Theme Control Panel
  • Auto-sized Thumbnail Management
  • Text/Image Logo Switcher
  • Fully Widgetized Sidebars
  • Advertisement Management
  • Localization Ready
  • Analytics/Stat Management
  • Built-in FeedBurner Support
  • Threaded Comments
  • Gravatar Ready
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Custom Widgets
  • Dropdown Menu Navigation
  • Smooth Tableless design
  • WordPress 3.1+ Compatible
  • Cross-Browsers Compatibility
  • Forum Support
  • Lifetime Upgrade

Looking at Theme Junkie premium themes, you will see that these themes are well designed with a lot of features and they can serve different purposes. You can develop either personal blog or commercial websites or magazines with Theme Junkie themes.

The other important thing that have just been announced recently Theme Junkie has switched its system to new membership model that can easily allow paid members to access to all premium themes with their accounts. When using e-junkie system, all members had to access to download link only but now, you are allowed to get what you want within your account for just $49.95/year only. That means you can get each theme for just $4.5 each!

What is special when you order it via AZBlogTips?

As always, I would like to offer you a special coupon that can save you 35% off Theme Junkie themes or even club membership. You will get all themes for less than $32.50 and just $2.30 per premium theme only. You will save another $17.50 with this special offer.

Discount value: 35%
Regular price: $49.95
New price: $32.50
Validity: 6 months from today, let’s say 31 October 2011

How to join this contest giveaways?

To help those who are looking for premium wordpress themes to build up your blogs or websites, AZBlogTips has just collaborated to conduct this contest and hope that you will get your dream themes with full licenses for 1 year.

There are 5 premium themes + licenses will be given away to the 5 lucky winners of this contest. All 5 lucky winners will get premium themes and licenses of your choice. Theme Junkie will create your accounts with your desired themes and you will enjoy it for 1 year FREE with full support as paid members.

To make this contest as much easy as you want, I will not select 5 premium themes for this contest and leave it for your choice. That means, if you are the lucky winner among 5 winners, you are FREE to choose any theme among 14 premium themes and send it to me. I will then forward them with your email to Roy and he will create account for you. Just one premium theme per winner!

Here are the contest rules:

  1. Just write a post (you can mention about the contest too) on your blog about this contest and link to this contest (only English blogs are accepted)
  2. Retweet this post on your twitter account
  3. Subscribe to AZBlogTips Feed

Why I need to create these rules? Do these rules prevent you all from participating into the contest? No, the rules are set to just make sure that the winners are those who are really in need of these premium themes and I don’t like to give these premium themes to those who will not use it. Why I only accept English blogs for this contest? Just simply because I can only read English blogs icon smile How To Get Theme Junkie Themes FREE and 35% Off Coupon [Contest]

I hope that this contest will bring you some benefits and you will save a lot of money if you are luckily the winners. Please post your links, tweeted URLs, email that you subscribed to AZBlogTips feed in the comment forms for easier reference.

How to select the winners?

For those who meet all requirements, you will be selected to join lucky draw session by and the results will be announced on April 30, 2011. If you are not sure about which theme will be of your interest. No worries, you can check them out anytime and let us know what is your choice.

Good luck to you all!


The Hello Bar Invites Giveaways!


The Hello Bar seems very new to most of you but if you have a look at the top of my blog, you would have seen it showing up different message several days ago. It works very well in order to show my targeted messages to my readers at the best place that can draw the most attention from almost readers with customizable features and tracking tools.

This simple script is 100% FREE which serves as a simple notification bar for your website that delivers your message and drives more clicks. You can place any messages with links and track how effective it is with CTR and impressions each message displays over the time. I am very happy as I got an invite to join this closed Beta program and it is time to share it widely with my readers.

As far as I knew, for every one who was invited to join this program would get another 5 free invites to share with friends. I have 5 invites now in my account and I am happy to share it with the first five commentators on this post. It is limited to 5 invites as each of you who get my invites will have another 5 invites to share and I hope you will share with others here who are not the first 5 commentators.

Here are some screenshots from my account for your reference:

the hello bar 600x354 The Hello Bar Invites Giveaways!

The Hello Bar Admin Panel

the hello bar create 600x555 The Hello Bar Invites Giveaways!

How To Create Message with Hello Bar

the hello bar stats 600x373 The Hello Bar Invites Giveaways!

The Hello Bar Stats

What is the rule?

Actually, I would not create any rules, just asking you to tweet this post and share the tweet link in your comment with your email address. The first 5 commentators with tweeted links will get it right away. However, I would encourage those who get my invites will share your new invites to other readers here.

Enjoy and hope you will get yours. See DEMO at AZBlogTips or at StudioPress homepage too

P/S: Today is April Fool Day but this offer is not a fool at all icon smile The Hello Bar Invites Giveaways!


5 Brainstorm Killer Ideas for Your Blog Content!

content is king

Everyone, especially when they try to make money blogging, gets to a point where they just don’t know what to write about anymore. If you want to make money as a blogger, the one thing you have to have is a constant flow of ideas that will keep you going even if you have been writing for years…

…and years.

How to get more ideas to write about than you can possibly handle!

So, how do you know what to write about? It’s easier than you think, actually. Below are 5  brainstorm killer ideals to help you get more content for your blog.

1. Enjoying And Having Fun.

The first thing you have to do is start with the basics and really take a look at your blog. Is this something you’re actually having fun doing? Do you enjoy making the content for your site?

Of course, if you’re writing for money, having fun might not be your top priority, but it’s much easier to write about something you actually like.

I mean, think about this for a sec:

Did you notice how excited you get if you talk to someone about something you love? It seems you can just talk about that for ages. It seems there’s never enough time to cover everything, right?

That’s because you’re talking about something you really enjoy, and since blogging is just like talking to your readers, it’s the exact same with your site.

2. Take different angles.

This is another great thing to do when you run out of ideas for things to write about.

What you got to do, no matter if you’re writing to make money blogging or for any other reason is make sure that you look around as you go through each day, notice the stuff that might be interesting to your audience and write about it from your own perspective, keeping in mind that it is fun and entertaining.

3. Know your readers.

Yet another thing to keep in mind.

If you really understand where your readers are coming from, if you really know what they need, it’s going to be hard for you not to know what to talk to them about. I mean, if you’re stuck for ideas you can always just talk about…


And an awesome thing about talking to someone about their situation, their life and their circumstances is that they’ll never get bored… ever!

4. Feeling it.

Now, this is the absolute killer if you really want to make it happen. When you understand your readers and know what they need just like we talked about, the very best thing you can do before you write anything for them is get in their shoes emotionally.

I mean, just imagine for a moment that you are your readers and that you live their life. How do you feel? What troubles do you go through? What problems do you face?

Knowing that will make it very easy for you to identify with your audience and write for them for years.

5. Hire a writer.

Now, this has nothing to do with you, obviously, but if you really don’t have anything to write about and are just feeling completely burnt out, the one thing you can always do is find someone to make your content for you.

It’ll cost you some money, but it’ll give you a nice break, and you’ll have someone with a fresh, new perspective writing for your blog.


I’ve shared some great tips with you about how to write for your audience, and they’ll really help you if you apply them. When you do that, and you start seeing some results, when you begin to understand how to really make money blogging using these tips, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!


What Is The Most Profitable Affiliate Program For AZBlogTips in March?


As you all knew that I usually shared my monthly income from AZBlogTips and what programs that I have promoted from previous months and how much I have earned from those programs. It seemed a great way to disclose these statistics in order to encourage my readers work harder and make a new record for their sites too. However, I thought that this had caused a bad thing to AZBlogTips as my domain was hacked and stolen but fortunately, I got it back after more than a month under control of hacker.

I have analysed all data I had from hacker who hacked AZBlogTips and knew where he was from and why he hacked my blog. It was because of money this domain had generated so far and its brand. If I did not share this blog earning every month, the hacker might not hack this site. I knew this and I had to come to a decision that I would not share this blog earning anymore. I hope you guys can understand this. But, I would love to share what affiliate program that generated the most of affiliate revenue from previous months. I hope this would help you too.

With this change, you will surely know what is the most profitable affiliate network that brings the most commissions to AZBlogTips within a month and it might be a good option for your consideration.

Since I switched to Genesis, everything was changed positively. My blog loading time was much improved and I had more time searching other profitable affiliate programs to work with. This framework with a professional child theme made me sleep easy with optimized ad spots and you would never need to tweak your theme to place your ads code anymore. Everything is made ready for anyone even internet marketers like me.

With all advantages Genesis owns now together with 35+ professional child themes available and affordable price scheme, Genesis framework has received a lot of attention from blogger community and of course, AZBlogTips has made some commissions by referring clients to StudioPress.

I am happy that a lot of clients who switched to use Genesis expressed their happiness with great support and fast development of StudioPress team with a great child theme marketplace. Further, Genesis use child theme not skin, easy to install by one click and most of child themes are very affordable and usually at $24.95 per each. That’s why many of them chose Genesis instead of Thesis or any other theme frameworks.

These awesome characteristics of Genesis with my own experiences using it so far, it has convinced more than 50+ clients ordering Genesis framework or its child themes. Many of them selected pro plus package with $600+ discount and full access to all child themes for life.

Now, you know what affiliate program has generated the major commissions for AZBlogTips in March? There are 2 other programs that nearly reached Genesis record but still a bit lower. Even March does not end but I am sure Genesis is surely the best for March. I will keep this kind of updates instead of monthly income summary.

I hope to hear your good news too icon smile What Is The Most Profitable Affiliate Program For AZBlogTips in March?


Not Ads by Google Instead of AdChoices with New Adsense Interface


For those who are monetizing their websites with Google Adsense, this updates seem very interesting to you all except me as I will never monetize my niche blogs with adsense as it is simply not profitable anymore here while affiliate marketing is my new approach to generate commissions. But, this does not mean I quit making money online with Google Adsense.

This information has been discussed around on the internet recently at big forums and many of you have noticed this changes. It is now widely implemented with Google Adsense network and you will all see these improvements as well. I am not sure whether these changes will help boost your online earnings with Google Adsense or not but at least it looks professional and easier to navigate and see what your real earning will be.

The first update as announced on Google Adsense blog is about its icon on all adsense content unit. You have been familiar with Ads by Google on any content ads unit but now, these “Ads by Google” will be retired and replaced with new icon “AdChoices“. I think that the new icon looks simple and easy to remember and it also reflect the facts that advertisers would be the only one who make a choice on what websites their ads will be placed, not Google’s icon smile Not Ads by Google Instead of AdChoices with New  Adsense Interface

adchoices adsense Not Ads by Google Instead of AdChoices with New  Adsense Interface

The second update seems the most interesting change to me as you can easily know in one page how much has been earned so far and how much will be paid in the next payment. The “Finalized Earnings” tab now shows you what you will actually receive in the next deadline. All earnings you have seen in the old interface was only “estimate earnings” only, it was not real earnings that you would get. Now, you will know it in advance before your checks arrive at your home.

adsense v3 interface Not Ads by Google Instead of AdChoices with New  Adsense Interface

I am not sure whether these improvements will benefit Adsense publishers in terms of monthly earnings or not but at least, you can know exactly how much will be paid next month. It is not enough time to experiment these new changes and I will wait to hear your updates on your earnings after these modifications were deployed.