Why Niche Blogs Work Well in Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is always considered the most challenging model for generating commissions especially those who have just started working with affiliate programs without any experiences. I have struggled with myself that why I could not generate any sales for such a long time since I started working with affiliate networks and finally I found my own way to go with affiliate marketing and it can be of your interest too.

High volume of traffic to your websites can generate a lot of clicks or impressions that can be good for PPC or CPM, it can also, at the same time, generate a lot of fraudulent clicks that can lead to termination of your account and your earning will never be paid. Affiliate marketing does not need general traffic but targeted visitors who can really sign up or generate sales for you.

Many bloggers and webmasters are now building up a magazine sites or technology-related blogs which cover a wide range of information. You can write up 10+ articles about technology-related news, products and services which is similar to other big sites, therefore, you are not competitive with those BIG sites and very limited to generate sales even zero. It is not good model for affiliate marketing while micro-niche sites work very well.

niche blog Why Niche Blogs Work Well in Affiliate Marketing?

Putting yourself as a prospect who are searching for a specific product for your project like Magic members plugin, are you confident buying it from a general news sites where you will find nothing about this tool, just a banner? I will never do that as I will put myself at risk with uninformed decision and time-consuming when I am not happy with that tool and want to make a refund. Micro-niche blogs will provide readers with more comprehensive information about one product or even one aspect of the product that other blogs have never mentioned before. This will encourage readers to make purchase easily.

I have tested two micro-niche sites on ebook and laptop which auto-aggregate products information from Amazon on autopilot. It does not violate Amazon policies or TOS as I use an API feature that is permitted by Amazon and it generated a lot of sales every month now.

Compared to other news-related sites with 10x times of traffic higher, these micro-niche sites still generate 50X times of sales per month. That is why I have planned to build up more micro-niche sites in the coming months and it can be a good example for you all too.

To do so, you need to be good at your niche or micro-niche you are going with. The sale ratio must be higher than any news-related sites. If you are working with health niche, you should focus on a smaller part of health like weight loss, skin care….or any tutorials to avoid side effects of a curtain weight loss pills.

Don’t expect that a high volume of traffic general news websites can bring up high volume of sales as it is at least wrong to me and many other high profile bloggers.


Why Many Bloggers Lost Their PageRank and Simple Tricks To Restore It?


If you are going around the internet or reading tweets even updates from Facebook, you must have seen several updates from your friends regarding Google Pagerank update for June which has just happened for several sites. This time update seemed to be another minor one that will not affect all sites in Google system and it seemed a long time since the last update in January this year.

Matt Cutts has mentioned about Google Pagerank update in his live Q&A on May 25. The question came from someone that when the next pagerank update would happen and he said, it would happen soon. See his video below:

I have visited several blogs of my friends and it seemed to me that Google updated its pagerank really and two of my friends has experienced loss of their pagerank compared to May 2011.

DragonBlogger which was PR4 since December 2010 has been downgraded to PR2 in June and Tek3d lost its PR2. Reading through both of these blogs, I understood that Google punished their sites for paid links and reviews which Google does not like. I have not explored whether their paid links and reviews were relevant to their niches or not but, I am sure that their loss of pagerank must come from paid services.

Matt has mentioned clearly about selling links that pass pagerank with examples. From readers’ side, I have to admit that writing paid reviews or selling paid links of irrelevant niches are not good. For example, you will never like seeing reviews of health, real estate on a blogging niche blog, right? Will you say good bye to those blogs? Google has its own rationale to do this.

Selling paid links or writing paid reviews is not wrong in terms of MMO and blog owners have their own rights to do this, however, when pagerank is still an indicator to measure quality of your page/site, advertisers still rely on this. Google is still dominating the search market then we have to accept this too.

What should you do to restore your pagerank?

I have been in this situation and been downgraded from PR3 to PR0 for two of my blogs for paid reviews. It was a nightmare as no one would like to pay me since the loss of pagerank then. I had to remove all “paid” keywords, all paid links/reviews of irrelevant niches on those sites and luckily, I got my pagerank back after 3 months of doing so.

I don’t know whether this method works for all of you but I think that you should give it a try.

Does loss of pagerank affect your earnings?

To my experiences, the loss of your pagerank will lead to the decrease of your earning too. Why? Advertisers rely on pagerank and most of them pay you to have their links in your sites as a part of their link building strategy. Why should they pay you when your blogs have PR0? Further, many of my friends experienced with low CPC rate on the sites with adsense too.

I have not seen any official words from Google about this effect but frankly, you will definitely loose your income from paid reviews service then or at least price for your writing service will seriously be down too.

I hope my little experiences will help you guys sometimes!


SEO Blogging Tips That You MUST Know


If you are looking for helpful tips about blogging, you should read this article. This will help you on how to get higher rank or your blog in the search engines optimization.

These are the following simple steps to be considered:

  • Primary keyword in the blog domain

Be sure that the URL of your blog contains the primary keyword that you want to optimize. It is helpful also if you will use your primary keyword in the sub domain. Take for example, if you’ll create a dance tutorial you must incorporate that word in the URL, like www.dancetutorial.com .

  • Primary key phrase in the post’ title

Make sure that the primary key phrase will appear on your blog headers. This will give more direct access to your blog.

  • Secondary key word in the post body

Using the secondary key word in the post body will make your post more accessible. The more appearance of the key word the more it will be accessible to the searchers. But, you should not abuse the repetition of the key word in your web page. Google can figure this out and might remove your site form their list.

  • Keywords must be used in the links’ anchor text

Links in keywords are more valuable than the simple text. This will link you to your other blog pages.

  • Let search engines spider your blog

Make sure that your recent post or the famous ones are linked to all the blog pages. This will be spidered by the search engine easily.

  • Frequent blog updates

Do not forget to update your blog page. This will really help to be accessible by the search engine.

  • Hook with your blog

Stick with your blogs domain. If you have written about medicines do not shift to writing another topic about shoes and sandals. You will end up loosing traffic of your blog. It will cost loosing your readers also.

  • Back links from other blogs

You need to acquire more links back to your blog. This is very helpful for your blog have easy access. If possible, comment on another blog. Do not forget to submit your RSS and blog feed to blog directories and search engines.

These are some of the useful tips in gaining your blog higher ranks in the search engines. Just follow these steps and you will gain higher ranks in the SEO.


FaultPress Will Transform WordPress into a Powerful Bug Tracking/Ticketing App


WordPress itself is a powerful blogging platform for most of bloggers nowadays, and it is becoming a real CMS for many complicated websites that need special features with high interactivity such as hotel booking websites, job board or feedback/ticketing system…etc. FaultPress is a great addon child theme that was built to run on WooFrame – another theme framework developed by WooThemes.

FaultPress is a flagship pure ‘application theme’ for WordPress. Upon activation it totally transforms your install, empowering you and your team to refine your product by engaging the community, requesting bug reports and ticket submission. You can then delegate tasks amongst team members, assign bug fixes to milestones or version releases and discuss any issues via the built-in messages system.

Comparing with several other feedback or ticketing scripts, apps or themes built for WordPress platform, I think FaultPress has its own advantages and features that other competitors don’t have. Further, it is important that FaultPress is running with WooFrame – one of the best SEO-optimized theme frameworks. That is why I think FaultPress will be leading the tracking/ticketing apps for WordPress in the near future.

FaultPress 600x234 FaultPress Will Transform WordPress into a Powerful Bug Tracking/Ticketing App

Let’s see what cool features that FaultPress can offer you as below:


With all of these key features, I am sure that FaultPress will be the best bug tracking/ticketing app built for WordPress that can serve different purposes of your business. If you are running membership sites or selling something, using FaultPress is the best way to interact with your client and handle their questions and issues seamlessly rather than using forums.

advanced ticket system 600x389 FaultPress Will Transform WordPress into a Powerful Bug Tracking/Ticketing App

activity 600x394 FaultPress Will Transform WordPress into a Powerful Bug Tracking/Ticketing App

messages 600x498 FaultPress Will Transform WordPress into a Powerful Bug Tracking/Ticketing App

milestones 600x382 FaultPress Will Transform WordPress into a Powerful Bug Tracking/Ticketing App

Looking at its Admin panel, I feel very impressive as it looks like you are writing your blog post, not a forum as it has seamlessly been integrated with WordPress and you can easily manage tickets, assign members with different priority or set milestone for any tickets…etc.

Here are some screenshots of FaultPress admin panel:

FaultPress admin 698x1024 FaultPress Will Transform WordPress into a Powerful Bug Tracking/Ticketing App

Tickets tab FaultPress Will Transform WordPress into a Powerful Bug Tracking/Ticketing App

As FaultPress was built as a child theme for WooFrame then it was inherited with SEO power and all cool features from this framework. You can customize your footer, custom logo, favicon, feedburner…etc without touching its code.

Personally, I think that FaultPress is much better than any other ticketing/bug tracking script or apps built for WordPress. Further, as it has been developed by WooThemes team then you can use it with confidence.

If you want to join WooThemes club, you can use 94+ premium themes for as low as $15/month or $20/month for developer editions.

Download FaultPress Theme


What Kind of Products That You Can Easily Sell To Earn Commissions?


Are you really concerned about what kind of products and services that you should promote to earn commissions? I am sure you are and I am too. Choosing the right products with high conversion is the key to success of any internet marketers of any size. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for a while and I have some suggestions for you all as a reference.

Some of you choose products with high commission rate and the others choose popular one with medium or even low commissions. Both are correct and the important thing here is how much you can make a month and how to keep your earning up from time to time.

So, what kind of products that you should promote and make some commissions?

This seems to be a challenging questions to all of us as there will be no “one size fits all” products or services that works best for all. There are many factors that affect your affiliate earning. High volume traffic does not mean you will get a lot of sales or leads or vice versa. Here are some of my practical experiences working with affiliate marketing in the blogging niche.

1. Hosting and Domain services:

Yes, most of bloggers who start blogging need this kind of products and services. You can use free hosting and sub-domain from WordPress.com, blogger.com….etc but it seems not professional and you can hardly build up your personal branding with free services. That is why most of us choose custom domains and premium hosting. You can promote reliable, affordable hosting and domain services to your readers and it will likely be a great opportunity to earn commissions too. I have done this and I admit that I have made a lot of commission from hosting and domain promotions.

If you think, there are a lot of other bloggers doing the same thing and you don’t have advantage as a newbie blogger? Try to use some great coupons to draw attention from your readers as all of us love discount.

2. WordPress/Blogger Themes and plugins:

When starting a new blog, all of us need a theme or template but most of free products are not professionally designed or low quality with ugly layout. If you are good at PHP or a designer, you can tweak to make it unique but not many of you can do this. Therefore, many bloggers are looking for a profesional designers to get what they want such as WooThemes, StudioPress or Elegant Themes…These wordpress theme designers are very well-known with great products at affordable price and fast support. This is also a great opportunity for you as a blogger or internet marketer to make commissions.

As you all knew, I have made good amount of commissions with StudioPress, Thesis, WooThemes & PremiumPress and expanding to other wordpress designers too such as AppThemes, DailyWP…etc. I am trying to get some great blogger templates to promote in the coming time.

For plugins, some great plugins that all bloggers need if they want to earn affiliate revenue such as Ninja affiliate, magic members, WPsubscribers (that AZBlogTips is using to boost opt-ins now)…and you can promote this kind of products too.

3. Training and ebooks:

Many of newbie bloggers are not good at blogging and they want to know how to blog, where to start and what they should do to monetize their blogs. A lot of questions that need answered. There are many great training services such as Blog mastermind by Yaro and ebooks online at affordable price, you can promote it too.

With newbie bloggers, you can promote the ebook by ProBlogger about 31 days of blogging or 7 days to start…your readers must be interested in or you can promote some of video training courses by Yara…

These kinds of products and services are very relevant to blogging niche and most of bloggers are interested in. You can think about it in the future.