How To Monitor Your Website Uptime and Performance FREE?


Bloggers and internet marketers who are running blogs or websites especially those who make money with blogging, are very concerned about reliability and uptime of their hosting service to make sure that their websites are live as much as it should be. The more outages your blogs have, the less visitors you will get. Your readers can not be patient enough if your blogs are down several times per month.

Frankly, no web hosting services except cloud hosting can guarantee 100% uptime for your blogs. It is the fact so we have to accept that. However, if you think about a strategic plan to have timely actions whenever your sites down, your readers and clients will sympathize with you.

To better respond to your site uptime and performance, you need a tool or third party website monitoring service to inform you whenever the outages of your server happen. You can then contact your web hosting service providers to have timely action. You can also ask for a refund if your downtime happens several times a month.

If you are looking for a FREE uptime and performance monitoring service, HostUCan can be a great option with following features:

  1. Downtime Notification E-mails
  2. No Limit on The Amount of Websites Monitored
  3. Free Monitoring Service offer to all websites hosted by companies listed in our Web Host Directory.
  4. Daily Uptime Reports
  • Uptime Percentage Reports
  • Failure Reports
  • Website Performance Reports
  • Monitoring Website Every 10 Minutes

What should you do to be eligible to get this FREE service?

To signup this free website monitoring service, the only thing need to do is to submit a review for your web host, here are the steps:

  • Go to Submit Review page
  • Search for Your Web Hosting
  • Select the Plan you use to host your web site, then start the review
  • In the last section of review is what reward you want to get from us, please select “6 months Website Monitoring Service”
  • Submit the review, then done. We will do some verification to make sure you do own the domain, and the domain is hosted in the web host you have chosen. If your review past our verification, our system will start monitoring your website automatically. And you will see the monitoring report within 2 hours.

health report 600x451 How To Monitor Your Website Uptime and Performance FREE?

As this service is FREE of charge, therefore, the service provider requires you to follow some simple steps to enjoy their offer. I personally think that it is worth doing this rather than paying several bucks per month to use premium service of its kind.

HostUCan is a growing web hosting review service online which provides comprehensive comments and feedbacks for different hosting services e.g. WebhostingHub review…etc. Doing these simple steps is also a great way to inform your friends which hosting services are reliable or not.

I hope this is a good service for you too and you can use it FREE for life if you can provide a review of any hosting services after every six months.


Top 3 SureFire Ways To Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is always the most challenging way to generate money online and all of us have to admit this no matter how popular you are. The most challenging part of affiliate marketing is how to convert clicks in sales or leads as required by all advertisers and vendors in the advertising campaigns. However, most of internet marketers have earned a good living with this model and I am sure that there are several things that you might have never heard of.

AZBlogTips is now dedicated to affiliate marketing and internet marketing, so I will share what I know and what I have tested working in order to help you all make some good money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing sales 600x383 Top 3 SureFire Ways To Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

Here are three surefire ways that all high profile bloggers are now targeting to keep their monthly revenue stable and up.

1. Participate into the affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions:

Not all affiliate programs applied this policy and they can only pay you for the first time referral no matter how long that referred clients stay with their services. If your referred customers love their service and stay for life, you will only be paid for the first year or first invoice or even a fixed rate only. That means your monthly earning can not be guaranteed to be stable from month to month with these programs.

As an internet marketer, you should think more strategically rather than earning a one-time commission. There are many other affiliate programs of the same kind that offer recurring commissions until your referred clients quit using their service such as magic members, get profits fast, elegant themes, woothemes…The more clients referred, the higher recurring commissions you will get every month without doing anything icon smile Top 3 SureFire Ways To Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

2. Participate into the affiliate programs that have two-tier commissions:

This policy is very interesting and it will encourage all affiliates to refer their friends to join the team. The programs will pay you up to 5% of your referral commissions for life and you will get additional revenue from your downline referrals too.

For example, you you participate into Shareasale or StudioPress affiliate program, you will get commissions from your direct sales. However, you will get some percentages from your downline referrals if they can bring sales to StudioPress too. This will contribute to you total income too.

3. Participate into the affiliate programs that have long time cookies tracking even lifetime:

If someone click on your affiliate links but they don’t buy at that time, they will come back next week and buy that products. The sale will be recorded for you and you will get full commissions if that affiliate programs have cookies tracking enabled for long time.

Most of affiliate programs have cookies tracking feature enabled for 30-365 days, however, there are programs that applied longer cookies tracking even lifetime. If you want not to loose any sales, you should think about cookies tracking of the affiliate programs that you participate in too.

With these strategies in mind, I am sure that your affiliate revenue will be stable too. The journey to earn passive income with affiliate programs will not be something impossible to any of you. The only thing you should remember that “work harder and harder and never rely on one stream of income. Keep it balanced!”


The Fun Way To Earn Cash


As kids, we’ve been playing games every time we got the chance and partners that would keep the spirit of competition alive and we are now remembering those moments with nostalgia. Growing up changes everything for most of us and while there are new fun things to do, games remain just as exciting as ever. While we have to limit the time spent playing games after the job or during the weekends, some people have found a way to make money online while doing something they love.

Game testers are a new breed and although many people would frown upon this kind of activity and consider it to be childish and with no real value on the long run, they are wrong. Being a games tester involves playing the games and there is a great deal of fun associated with it, but there is in fact more than meets the eye. It requires experience, skills and attention to details, because the end result is not simply to complete the game and defeat the enemies, but to draw astute conclusions.

Game developers are using this method during the creation of the game and as soon as the product is close to release date, the game testers start doing their job. The focus is to detect hidden flaws that might have eluded the developers and to determine which bugs would ruin the gaming experience for the customer who purchased the product. The game mechanics are arguably the most important and also some of the trickiest, because there are many things that can go wrong. From idea to execution is a long way and even if the team of programmers is skilled and experienced, errors are bound to happen.

The testers will work in teams and play the game over and over again, trying to expose the bugs and enable the developers to fix them well before the release date. The same applies to the video and audio area, since the final product has to be excellent to receive good reviews and appeal to the broader audience. It is possible to fix the errors even after the game is released by using patches and updates, but if the media thrashes your title and tags it as being bug riddled, it’s too little too late.

By now, it should be fairly obvious that being a game tester involves a lot of responsibility and the ones who sign up for this job will not simply have fun and get paid for it. If you know what you are supposed to do and have some experience in this field, then you won’t have any problems in performing your duties and you’ll even have a lot of fun in the process. There are always new games to be released, so the chances to get bored eventually by doing the same thing over and over again, are reduced.

One of the frequent critiques that game testers have to deal with is that they don’t have any real chance of climbing the career ladder and advance in their profession. This is one of the popular misconception about most of the jobs that revolve around making money online and is of course very far from being true. A game tester with experience in this field and with a strong command of English will find it easy to apply for a job as a games reviewer for one of the important websites that cover this niche.

There are plenty of such companies willing to hire people who know exactly which are the most important things in a video game and talk about them in reviews. It’s like having an inside man, who understand precisely how the system works, can search for flaws where it’s most likely for them to occur and then debate about their impact. The same procedure is being used, with the contractor being asked to play the game at least once and explore everything it has to offer, then comment on the overall quality.

Those who make this step forward will enjoy a much better job, both in terms of payment and sheer fun. You no longer have to place a lot of emphasis on technical issues and can focus on the bigger picture, trying to experience the same thing the customer will. Basically you are paid to have fun playing the game and then comment whether the title is worth purchasing, which are the downsides and what are the alternatives for the ones who love the genre.


HostGator and WPWebHost BIG Discount Coupons on Independence Day July 4


Today is a special day to all american the world over and all of those who are working for US Government are off for holiday today too. My wife is working for US Embassy is also off for a short holiday with my family. This is also a great time for shopping online too.

As a blogger, you must be very interested in services and products that are for your business and Hosting seems to be the best service too.

No need to wait until Black Friday giveaway, Christmas or Cyber Monday, you can still get a steal with both HostGator and WPwebhost today with 40-47% off.

Here is the details:

HostGator is offering 40% off sale on all services with coupon that is only valid today July 4 as below:

Coupon: JULY4
Validity: July 4, 2011

hostgatorjuly4 600x507 HostGator and WPWebHost BIG Discount Coupons on Independence Day July 4

WPWebhost is also offering 47% off sale coupon for 3 days, not only 1 day as HostGator as below:

Validity: 3 days

wpwebhost HostGator and WPWebHost BIG Discount Coupons on Independence Day July 4

Good luck friends!


RealSpot – Thesis & Genesis Child Theme with $15 Off Sale Coupon

realspot color schemes

Building up a real estate website with WordPress is not easy at all. It is much harder to do this with theme frameworks like Thesis theme and Genesis which is very complicated. Otherwise, you have to pay a lot of money to hire designer to code it for you.

If you are a fan of Genesis, you must be familiar with AgentPress – the most popular child theme for Genesis with a lot of cool features. However, there have just been a brand new child theme released for both popular frameworks such Thesis and Genesis – RealSpot.

RealSpot is the best child theme for Genesis and Thesis framework with many premium features that other themes can not offer you. Before going into details, just have a look at its screenshot:

realspot RealSpot   Thesis & Genesis Child Theme with $15 Off Sale Coupon

RealSpot child theme will come with two separate versions for both Thesis and Genesis with following key features:

  • Fully customizable front page

The homepage of this Thesis & genesis child theme is completely customizable via custom dynamic widgets specifically built for this child theme.

  • Custom Control Panel

This theme has an easy-to-use, intuitive control panel that allows you to configure all aspects of your Website without touching the code.

  • Use Taxonomy and custom field for real estate attribute manager

You easy config taxonomy and custom field for set real estate attribute.We have build custom field box for add real estate.

  • Utilizes infinite carousel module, custom widgets

You can use top_image custom field to make an infinite image slideshow on show case post. Beside We develop widgets for this skin as Search, Latest News, Mail list …

  • Cross browser compatible

This child theme have been tested on almost popular browsers like IE 7+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 4+, Opera 10+, Safari 4+ and it works just fine.

  • Valid XHTML and CSS

RealSpot child theme converted into W3C valid HTML, XHTML & CSS

Here is summary of key features for your reference:

  • Five detailed color schemes
  • Fully customizable front page
  • Excellent Support
  • Theme Guides & Tutorials
  • Drop Down menu
  • Gravatar Support & Threaded Comments
  • Built in Page Templates
  • Widget Ready with custom widgets

Compared to the same kind of Thesis or Genesis child theme designed for real estate websites on the internet, RealSpot has its own advantages against other competitors with affordable price and great features.

Here are some great admin panel screenshots that can help you and your clients create properties easily with a lot of ready built functions as below:

realspot tabs RealSpot   Thesis & Genesis Child Theme with $15 Off Sale Coupon

realspot settings 782x1024 RealSpot   Thesis & Genesis Child Theme with $15 Off Sale Coupon

realspot add property 569x1024 RealSpot   Thesis & Genesis Child Theme with $15 Off Sale Coupon

realspot property RealSpot   Thesis & Genesis Child Theme with $15 Off Sale Coupon

There are many more features that I can not capture and post it here. If you are concerned about its color schemes, you should be aware that RealSpot has 5 colors option for your switch.

realspot colors RealSpot   Thesis & Genesis Child Theme with $15 Off Sale Coupon

Here are some important information about RealSpot that you should know:

RealSpot price: $60
Theme frameworks: Thesis & Genesis

BUT, as a bonus for first come first served, Templatica has decided to offer the first 10 AZBlogTips readers with $15 off sale coupon applied for both versions. That means, if there are 10 bloggers ordering this child theme for Thesis or Genesis, the coupon will be expired immediately.

Coupon: TINH
Discounted value: $15
Old price: $60
New price: $45
Validity: No deadline but the coupon will be gone after the first 10 orders reached.


RealSpot has inherited most of cool features from most of popular real estate wordpress themes on the internet. That means, you will get all of these awesome features of its kind from this single child theme.

P/S: As RealSpot is a child theme and it can not work as a standalone version. You need to have Thesis or Genesis framework to make it work properly.

Download RealSpot Child Theme