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Google PageRank Update for August 2011

It is surprising but interesting again when my friend informed me that AZBlogTips got new PR. I could not believe this as AZBlogTips has just got PR2 since July and how could Google do this again within more than a month? But it is true and AZBlogTips is now PR3 valid! Thanks to Pumama who […]

Blogging Tips: To Moderate Comments or Not To Moderate Comments

Figuring out whether or not you will moderate your comments section is a very important decision that many bloggers have to make. After all, the comments section is where a large majority of the visible action regarding your blog occurs. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that you approach blog comments responsible. So […] Is Up For Sale

Well, I feel a bit shocked reading Alex’s listing on Flippa few minutes ago as I have never thought that Blogussion would have new owner. Just one day left to know who will be the next owner of the as reserve price has just passed. Buying and Selling website is not new to you […]

AZBlogTips Goes Back To Thesis with Blogussion Inspired 2.0

I am sure that many of you will be surprised and think that I am not consistent to what I have said when switching from Thesis to Genesis not long ago. But, I have my own rationale for this switch-back and this change will give me opportunity to experience both popular theme frameworks at the […]

How To Start Affiliate Marketing


I’d like to talk about how to start affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, the process of earning commissions on sales made, can be one of the best and simplest ways to get started in an online business. The start up costs are low, and you don’t have to wait to create your own product. Choose a […]