Google PageRank Update for August 2011

It is surprising but interesting again when my friend informed me that AZBlogTips got new PR. I could not believe this as AZBlogTips has just got PR2 since July and how could Google do this again within more than a month? But it is true and AZBlogTips is now PR3 valid!

Thanks to Pumama who has just shot me a message about this update as I did not keep an eye on this recently. This will surely improve my blog SERPs ranking in the future as Pagerank as confirmed by Matt Cutts is among 200+ factors to determine SERPs rankings in Google.

Back to my previous article on why so many bloggers lost their pagerank and some tricks to restore it, several of you have asked me about the next update and I said it would probably happen at the end of this year but I was wrong as it just happened now.

If you have been waiting for your pagerank to be updated, you can use Google toolbar to see its change now and for the future too. You can also use third party services like to get your update easily.  Here is mine:

azblogtips pr3 Google PageRank Update for August 2011

AZBlogTips PR3

Many bloggers now ignore this indicator, however, frankly I must admit that Pagerank still plays an important role for internet marketers not just big websites only. Why? Your advertising price scheme will be improved and there are more advertisers coming to your sites and pay you more than a PR0 sites.

From perspective of an internet marketer, I would say that PR is still important but it is NOT all what you need for your blogging journey. The most important thing is your content at highest quality and relationships you have with your readers. You can still sell products or ad spots without PR if you maintain a good relationship with your potential advertisers.

Just a quick update for you all and I hope you have higher PR this time!


Blogging Tips: To Moderate Comments or Not To Moderate Comments

Figuring out whether or not you will moderate your comments section is a very important decision that many bloggers have to make. After all, the comments section is where a large majority of the visible action regarding your blog occurs. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that you approach blog comments responsible.

So what are some pros and cons of moderating comments?

Well, let’s start with the cons. Moderating comments takes a lot of time, as you’ll have to approve of each one as it comes in. This means constantly checking your email for notifications of comments. Wading through all of these notifications, especially if you have an extremely popular blog, can seriously take away valuable time that you could use to do other things to improve your blog, such as creating content or seeking advertising revenue. Moderating comments also tends to cut down on the immediate back and forth play of a fruitful discussion, which can stunt the intellectual growth of your readers.

no spam logo Blogging Tips: To Moderate Comments or Not To Moderate Comments

And yet, there are definitely pros to moderating comments. By moderating comments, you can keep your comments section clean of spam and, in extreme cases, unhelpful or even rude comments. You can also better control conversations on potentially divisive topics. This will help keep wildfires and flame wars from starting up and going on unchecked.

Really, as a blogger, you should determine the kind of community of commenters that you have, and you should examine your own time resources, as you decide whether or not to moderate comments. It really comes down to the kind of community of discourse that you’d like to foster around your own blog.

25 comments Is Up For Sale

Well, I feel a bit shocked reading Alex’s listing on Flippa few minutes ago as I have never thought that Blogussion would have new owner. Just one day left to know who will be the next owner of the as reserve price has just passed.

Buying and Selling website is not new to you all as it has become a popular business model that you can make a lot of money from just buying a website and then selling it to others. However, many bloggers sell their favorite websites for personal reasons or to have capital to invest into another potential and bigger venture. Alex as mentioned in his listing needs money to invest in another project so he decided to handle over Blogussion to new owner!

Here is the URL:

With some great achievements that Blogussion has made so far, new owner can build up their brand easily with steady income and a huge amount of regular readers. Here is what Alex shared on his listing:

Details about

Domain age: 2 years (Registered in 2009)
Page rank: Google PR 5
Inbound links: 141,000+
Subscribers: 3,500+ ACTIVE subscribers (Includes RSS + Email list)
Twitter: 4,300+ followers
Articles published: 436 live posts

The most important thing that you should know about this listing is that it does not have BIN price and the reserve price has passed now with only one day left for public bidding. This means that Blogussion will definitely have new owner even it does not receive any bids until the auctions end tomorrow. That is Flippa’s rules.

If you are a businessman and want to own this popular blog, with $100 more to current bid, you can be the lucky winner to own this site.

What will you get from this listing?

  • Full ownership to Blogussion (Email list, RSS list, Twitter account, articles and files)
  • Full rights to the design and support by me to help you with anyquestions
  • Full ownership and rights for the Blogussion Inspired Skin (PRODUCT) *If bidding exceeds $15,000+*
  • Full ownership and transfer of the Blogussion.COM domain name

I wish I could acquire this blog now but unfortunately, I have just invested most of my money into another 3 projects.

I hope that Alex will get a good deal and I will keep an eye on this listing to see who will be the new owner icon smile Is Up For Sale


AZBlogTips Goes Back To Thesis with Blogussion Inspired 2.0

I am sure that many of you will be surprised and think that I am not consistent to what I have said when switching from Thesis to Genesis not long ago. But, I have my own rationale for this switch-back and this change will give me opportunity to experience both popular theme frameworks at the same time.

AZBlogTips has bought Blogussion Inspired skin for Thesis once it was released for public order a year ago. The first release looked not really beautiful with a lot of bugs. I spent a lot of time fixing it, however, the version 2.0 has been much improved with fast development and a professional options panel that is linked to your account and support forum too.

This switch-back does not mean that Genesis framework is no longer my favorite theme. It is still among two favorite theme frameworks of mine and I am using both of them on different sites too. The new version of Blogussion 2.0 has inspired me a lot in switching back as I have also invested some bucks for both Thesis and Blogussion too icon smile AZBlogTips Goes Back To Thesis with Blogussion Inspired 2.0 I can’t leave there for nothing!

Here is the new options panel for all Kolakube skins:

Blogussion20 767x1024 AZBlogTips Goes Back To Thesis with Blogussion Inspired 2.0

Blogussion 2.0 Options Panel

Looking at this new and professional options panel, I am sure that you will love Kolakube skins too. The new panel inspired me a lot in switching back to Thesis today.

What do you think about Blogussion Inspired 2.0? Is that good to give a try?

Good news to those who are interested in Kolakube skins that you will get all current and future premium skins for one year today and save 30% worth of $44. This is time-limited offer!

Kolakube Membership AZBlogTips Goes Back To Thesis with Blogussion Inspired 2.0

Good luck and your comments are always welcome too!


How To Start Affiliate Marketing


I’d like to talk about how to start affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, the process of earning commissions on sales made, can be one of the best and simplest ways to get started in an online business. The start up costs are low, and you don’t have to wait to create your own product.

affil mkt 1 How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Choose a Market

So, how to get started? The first step is to choose a market that you want to promote products to. By this I mean, pick a group of people that would have a common interest in buying products in a certain niche. For example, golfers are a market. So are scrapbookers and dog owners. So, decide who your market will be. Make sure it’s a market who is willing to and currently spending money on products. In the previous examples, we know that golfers, dog owners and scrapbookers are currently spending money. So that’s a good first step.

Choose a Product

Next, you will need to find some products to promote. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Do a Google search. Put in your niche + affiliate program. So, for example, search for “golfers + affiliate program.” See what comes up. You will want to do some additional research to make sure the type of products you are thinking of offering would be good sellers in the niche.
  2. Check out some of the well-known affiliate networks such as:
  • Clickbank (only offers digital products such as ebooks)
  • ShareaSale
  • LinkShare
  • Pay Dot Com

When checking out a product, really take a look at the sales page. That is where you will be sending your potential customers, so make sure it’s a good one. No matter how good the product is, if the sales page isn’t convincing, you won’t make many sales.

These are just a few tips to help you get a start in affiliate marketing. I would recommend you get some good affiliate marketing training to cut your learning curve and get you making money quicker.