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Top 670+ Article Directories for Your Submissions

Building high quality backlinks to your websites is always important. It is not just because you need high pagerank, you can boost your website authority and advantages against your competitors. This can greatly contribute to your SEO work and improve your website SERPs ranking too. Being a newbie blogger, most of us are not affordable […]

What Top Affiliate Programs That Contribute to My Passive Income?

After publishing the article 3 surefire ways to earn passive income, there have been over 100 messages received via contact form asking about what affiliate programs that AZBlogTips is now working with that contribute to my monthly earning. Today, you will get some of key affiliate programs that cover over 90% of my monthly revenue. […]

Google Sitelinks Updates: More Details and More Links

I was surprised when searching my blog keyword today on Google and saw a new way of listing sitelinks. It is not just links listed under your key domain; it shows more details from those links on Google as below: Looking at these sitelinks, you must agree with me that your blog is getting more […]

Why I Stick To Chitika Premium Rather Than Google Adsense?

Well, what is a big pity that AZBlogTips can not place Google Adsense here like many others. It is not because my Adsense account was disabled or this domain was blacklisted by Google. It is only that Google Adsense has not generated a good amount of income as expected. That is why I take adsense […]

What Does It Need To Become A Good Blogger?

We are living in an era where blogging is at the cloud nine. Everybody is blogging from a school going child to a professional geek and nowadays even movie film stars have also started blogging and forgot to mention about the politicians so to say everybody is blogging and so the World Wide Web has […]