Top 670+ Article Directories for Your Submissions

Building high quality backlinks to your websites is always important. It is not just because you need high pagerank, you can boost your website authority and advantages against your competitors. This can greatly contribute to your SEO work and improve your website SERPs ranking too.

Being a newbie blogger, most of us are not affordable to buy paid or premium backlinks on authority site. Therefore, the best way to get more backlinks is to sell ourselves.  That means you have to exchange your work to get backlinks by guest blogging or submitting your contents to different article directories. I am following this way too and see good results.

article directories submissions Top 670+ Article Directories for Your Submissions

Why you need to be well ranked in SERPs and high pagerank as an internet marketer?

High pageranks and high ranking in SERPs will help you earn more money. How? Your advertisers will definitely pay for your reviews at higher price and if you dominate a profitable keyword in SERPs, you will also get more sales too. Building good contents to your websites is a MUST to get success but it is not enough as you need to bring your contents to your potential readers and prospects too.

Here is a great list of article directories of PR0-PR6 that you can use to share your articles. I am sure that you have not heard about half of these directories yet:

Here are details of these directories regarding its pagerank for easier reference:

PR6 – 8
PR5 – 15
PR4 – 57
PR3 – 105
PR2 – 138
PR1 – 90
PR0 – 225

Just to create your articles and submit them to these directories. Please remember that each of article directories has its own guidelines and TOS that you must strictly follow in order to keep your submitted articles live.


What Top Affiliate Programs That Contribute to My Passive Income?

After publishing the article 3 surefire ways to earn passive income, there have been over 100 messages received via contact form asking about what affiliate programs that AZBlogTips is now working with that contribute to my monthly earning. Today, you will get some of key affiliate programs that cover over 90% of my monthly revenue.

My commitment is to share what I have experienced and tested working before sharing them publicly. Why? Just because I don’t want to share anything that will never work with AZBlogTips and my readers. That is not good!

AffiliateProgram 600x161 What Top Affiliate Programs That Contribute to My Passive Income?

The journey to getting passive income has a lot of barriers and challenges. It can come from affiliate programs itself or your strategies too. If you are eager to get rich overnight, you will easily be trapped by scammers. Nothing is easy but nothing is impossible if you work hard with appropriate approaches.

Here are some of key affiliate programs that AZBlogTips is now working with. These programs contribute up to 90% of month affiliate revenue passively:

1. Get Profits Fast

It is a network of different programs for your pick and easy to promote with 50% commission for life. That means you will earn passive income for every client you refer to them. Further, your commission will be net without any fees even PayPal’s.

I have referred some great clients to Profit theme and monthly commission from this single program is about $200+ per month or more with new clients. You can think about this program too.

2. Magic Members Plugin:

Magic Members plugin is among the most popular membership plugin for wordpress with great features for its members and affiliates too. You will get 30% of every sale. When your referred client renew their subscriptions, you will get the same amount too. I have referred over 50 clients since its launch and now, I can make about $150+ per month for doing nothing. Sometimes I can get more by adding more new clients too.

Being Magic Members affiliate, you can get a lot of amazing bonus prize even iPad. I have won twice last year and not many affiliate programs has such great added value.

3. WooThemes:

WooThemes has over 95+ premium wordpress themes running with WooFrame. This is agreat wordpress designers with every new theme per month. Its subscription price is affordable too for as low as $15 per month.

As its affiliate, you can get 20% of every sale. Whenever your referred client renew subscription to Woothemes, you will get that amount. How about 100 clients you refer to WooThemes? You can make at least $300 per month for doing nothing at all. AZBlogTips is making about $250 average per month from WooThemes too.

4. Elegant Themes:

Why it is easy to sell Elegant Themes? It has its own framework like Thesis, Genesis or WooThemes called ePanel and over 60+ premium themes for just $39 per year. Most of client will love this offer as they can use 60+ premium themes for just $39 and you make 50% of every sale for life.

For any sales generated, you will make $19.5 and their subscription renewal will help you earn the same amount. I have just promoted Elegant Themes since July seriously and just made about 10 sales for about $195. That means, I will get the same in the coming year if they keep subscribed to Elegant Themes too.

5. StableHost:

This is s great hosting service that has had a lot of positive reviews on WHT with fast development. Its affiliate programs is great too. You can make commissions for every sale generated for life.

It is not hard to sell this hosting as it is reliable with many options for both newbie and advanced users with 50% off sale coupon: NEWDESIGN.

6. Magic Affiliate Plugin:

Magic Affiliate plugin is also the popular affiliate software for wordpress users. It is great for those who are running affiliate programs. It can be a brother with Magic Members and easy to sell with lifetime commission. AZBlogTips has generated over $300 from this program so far and going to boost sales in the coming time.

7. SEnuke:

SEnuke is the most powerful SEO automation software ever on the internet. Many of my friends made several thousands of USD per month from using this software. The SEnuke X version bring more values and features to its users with 14 FREE trial too.

This software can do a lot of things that you have never seen from any other software. You can generate money from doing nothing. Further, its affiliate programs also applies lifetime commission too that you can earn more with your referred clients.

There are a lot of other affiliate and PPC programs that I am still testing now. If they work well with AZBlogTips, you will see them very soon.

I hope these top affiliate programs would be a great list for those who have been my regular readers. You can see more at deals or money makers page. Your suggestions are always welcome too.


Google Sitelinks Updates: More Details and More Links

I was surprised when searching my blog keyword today on Google and saw a new way of listing sitelinks. It is not just links listed under your key domain; it shows more details from those links on Google as below:

azblogtips Google Search 600x473 Google Sitelinks Updates: More Details and More Links

Looking at these sitelinks, you must agree with me that your blog is getting more and more exposed to readers too. Further, you will see more sitelinks rather than before. Google now allows maximum of 12 sitelinks, not just 8 links.

Personally, I love this way of displaying sitelinks as my readers will see more details from their links of interest, not just a keyword and hyperlink. They can see some parts of each sitelink and likely click on that link to the landing page.

Another important thing is that, we can create our sale page/squeeze page to redirect to. If we are lucky, our sale pages/squeeze page can be listed on Google and potentially draw more attention from prospects too.

What do you think about this improvement? Any suggestions to play with this change?


Why I Stick To Chitika Premium Rather Than Google Adsense?

Well, what is a big pity that AZBlogTips can not place Google Adsense here like many others. It is not because my Adsense account was disabled or this domain was blacklisted by Google. It is only that Google Adsense has not generated a good amount of income as expected. That is why I take adsense off and reserve spaces for affiliate products and Chitika premium too.

Blogging niche as mentioned by many experienced bloggers who had many years working with Google Adsense is not profitable with PPC. The bid price for blogging niche is seriously down too. Further, the smarter your readers are, the fewer clicks your blog will get. Why? Just because your readers know it is Adsense and they also know that clicking on those ads will benefit you not themselves. That is why I have seen the CTR on AZBlogTips seriously down even it has much been optimized. Does your blog face this issue too?

google chitika 600x240 Why I Stick To Chitika Premium Rather Than Google Adsense?

Chitika Premium seems to work better in terms of monthly revenue. If you remember that AZBlogTips could not generate $10/month from Google Adsense previously, you would agree with me that I should quit using Adsense here. But, I usually get about $100/month from Chitika. This earning increases from month to month based on number of active referrals I have now.

How Do I Make Money With Chitika Premium?

If you are my blog regular readers, you must have read the article about making passive income online. The only way to do this is to choose the affiliate programs that offer referral or tier features. Chitika is still offering referral program that Google Adsense does not. You will get % of commission from your referrals for 15 months.

Asking yourself a simple question that “How much you will make a month if you have 100 active referrals and each on them earns $50 per day and your commission rate is 10%?” That is easy to calculate right? You will probably earn $500/month as passive income for doing nothing. This is what Google Adsense can not offer you even both are PPC models. You can earn more by displaying Chitika Ads on your sites at the same time.

I have not tested placing both Adsense and Chitika at the same time on AZBlogTips so it is hard to say which works best for AZBlogTips with ads. However, for earning generated via referrals, Chitika is now leading the way and even much better than Bidvertisers or AdBrite referral programs.

Have you ever tested working with Chitika Premium network? If you have, you must see the advantages of using Chitika rather than Google Adsense. If you have not, why don’t sign up an account and try it yourself.

This is my own experience working with Chitika and I have about 65+ active referrals making money every day. The real number is much bigger and my referral revenue share is around $5- $15 per day. That is not too bad!

What is your own experience working with Chitika? If you are a fan of Google Adsense, you might disagree with me; BUT, remember that my experience might be wrong with non-blogging niche sites. Your feedbacks and comments as always are welcome.


What Does It Need To Become A Good Blogger?

We are living in an era where blogging is at the cloud nine. Everybody is blogging from a school going child to a professional geek and nowadays even movie film stars have also started blogging and forgot to mention about the politicians so to say everybody is blogging and so the World Wide Web has been blogged.

good blogger 600x197 What Does It Need To Become A Good Blogger?

To be a good blogger?

When one blog for commercial purposes a special technique and pattern is to be implied upon for greater success.

So, what does it need to become a good blogger?

User Friendly Blog Template:- When a user intends to go for free blogging services, the template choice really matters and reflects the looks of the blog. In order to achieve good template resources one can access the world’s most sought after free hosting blog services like and, which supports millions of templates found online for free.

Consistency in blog posting:- Blogging demands consistency in your blog posting frequently. Updating your blog more frequently, let’s say about 3-5 posts daily for about 4 months from the starting date of your blog posting can help you get better indexing by search spider bots. Search spiders regularly indexes every blog so to let your blog be featured in every search result displayed related to your blog’s content, you must update your blog daily.

Better post unique, quality content:- Search queries are made in order to get some information so if your blog features the copyrighted content of any other blog, it will annoy the readers and will let the image of author go down among readers. So every blogger must write his own blog post in own self composed words.

What to do for writing a good blog posts?

  • Never use Articles spinner while re-writing any other author’s work because article spinners just spins the synonym words so you will get in trouble as most article spinners change the original work by 40% and your content will be subjected to as copied one.
  • User your own simple words to write a post, avoid using of highly influenced English words which creates problem for the readers to understand.
  • Do a well research before writing any content. If you are re-writing the content of any publisher, just don’t re-write his content only, search on net regarding the topic. After getting a niche research write it in your simple words.
  • Do add images and video content to your blog posts wherever necessary, as it makes posts more attractive and readers will enjoy the blog posts.

Respect your reader’s privacy:- Readers are like God to a blogger, so annoying them can harm your blog’s reputation. Never play any dirty tricks like using pop up ads on your blogs, using hidden JavaScript to tack their private information etc. To make your blog more secure, do post a privacy policy for your blog which is readable to all users.

Blogging is not about a business but it’s a passion. Not every blogger becomes great blogger but those respect various blogging tips and sincerely do blogging can make wonder out of this term.