Get WooThemes All-Themes Package or Club Membership Biggest Coupon

With fast development a its own framework like Thesis or Genesis, WooThemes is still among the top WordPress designers in the market with high commitment of one theme per month. Fast support, high quality themes with a big designer team, WooThemes is growing very fast with a lot of changes recently.

Last month, there were 3 bloggers contacting me to ask a special discount coupon for WooThemes  and now, I have it for you. WooThemes and other big WordPress designers rarely issue discount coupons and those coupons are only for few days too. That’s why you need to act fast to save your money.

WooThemes seems to be the biggest WordPress designer with 99 premium themes and growing with over 41,000+ clients. Elegant Themes has over 60+ premium themes, Genesis has only 39 child themes…etc. More premium themes, more options for you!

Here is the coupon code that you can save up to $40 that means 20% off regular price scheme now. BUT, remember the good and bad things below:

1. The good thing about this coupon:

The good things is that coupon is valid and you will get 20% off regular price. You will save up to $40 today. I have searched for this and also tested working as below:

WooThemes Checkout2 600x175 Get WooThemes All Themes Package or Club Membership Biggest Coupon

20% off sale coupon

WooThemes Checkout Get WooThemes All Themes Package or Club Membership Biggest Coupon

Save $40 off regular price

2. The bad things about coupon:

It is not actually the bad thing if you act now or before September 4, 2011. The coupon is only valid for 3 days until September 4 then you can only order now or within tomorrow. The other thing is that this coupon is only applied for All-themes package and club membership only.

That is my answer to your question. I hope my updates come on time and you can still enjoy the coupon. I will keep an eye on this coupon and update if it can be extended or new coupons released.

Here is the coupon code:

Coupon: 4E5EF72
Discount: 20%
validity: Until September 4, 2011

Good luck to you all!


Chitika List Unit: More Ads = More Choices = More Clicks = More MONEY

Chitika is now becoming the best alternative PPC network to Google Adsense. I have seen the fast growth of bloggers using this network. There are a lot of topics and discussions about Chitika Premium from different forums. Many of Vietnamese bloggers are now switching to Chitika after Adsense with following reasons:

  • It is too hard to get approved by Google Adsense
  • Their adsense accounts got terminated with unclear reasons
  • Adsense PIN process is complicated
  • Payment by checks takes so long to be settled
  • Much more…

With Chitika, you are easy to get approved compared to Adsense with more options for payments and the most popular payment method is PayPal that Google will never use (As Google has its own online payment gateway Google Checkout). You don’t need to wait until your earning reaches $100, you can get your payment when your balance reaches $10.

Among the top Chitika Ad Units, Publishers using the new Chitika List Unit (CLU) ads are seeing a 32% increase in CTR on average. That is a great result and I am sure that many publishers will switch to this unit from now on.

CLU 600x300 Chitika List Unit: More Ads = More Choices = More Clicks = More MONEY

Chitika List Unit

From personal point of views, I do agree with all of other Chitika publishers who have been testing this new ad unit that Chitika List Unit looks great and it provides more ads than any other units. The more ads it shows, the more choices for your readers. The more ad choices you give to your readers, the more clicks you will likely get and of course, the more money you receive too.

Have you tested this ad unit on your sites? If not, you should give it a try and see how your CTR will be improved.


Premium List Magnet: Build Your List in 2 Minutes Guaranteed with 60% Off sale

Among the top list builder tools that I know, Subscribers Magnet by MaxBlogPress or Popup Domination 2.0 are still the most popular plugins that can boost our opt-ins easily. However, there are some disadvantages that I decided not using these tools as followed:

1. Subcribers Magnet: This is powerful tool but it is too expensive and the CSS or layout is not good. You have to spend $147 to get its license and the layout looks too simple to me. That is why I did not use this tool.

2. Popup Domination 2.0: This is a great tool and seems to be the hot cake now on the internet. The price is affordable and CSS is awesome too. However, the only thing I don’t like this tool is that it is only popup that can disturb my readers. Many bloggers that I usually visit used this tool and I will rarely visit them again. If they set frequency only for new visitors, it is still ok but most of them set on every minute no matter who you are and this is really annoying to me. I bought it but never use it again.

Premium List Magnet Premium List Magnet: Build Your List in 2 Minutes Guaranteed with 60% Off sale

Listing building is very important to any internet marketers and I can’t ignore this channel. That is why I have searched around and luckily I found a new but potential with a lot of features too. It is Premium List Magnet by Profits Theme!

Premium List Magnet is created and developed by Get Profits Fast, a company that provides tools and resources for online entrepreneurs and internet marketers. Most of their products so far are awesome with great support.

Giving it a try, I was surprised as this tool can provide me a lot of options that Subscribers Magnet and Popup Domination 2.0 can not. It seems to me that Premium List Magnet is the combination of Subscribers Magnet and Popup Domination 2.0 as it can provide you the following options:

With 7 options as mentioned above, I am sure that Premium List Magnet which has just been released in August has its own advantages against other tool. I myself love this tool as it can provide me many options for sliding that will never disturb my readers. You can use different ways to build your list but you should never disturb or annoy your readers just for their subscription. If you annoy them, they will likely use fake emails to subscribe and you will get nothing.

It is lucky to me and you all that Premium List Magnet is now running a big launch promotion that you can save up to 60% of its regular price. You can get it now for just $27 instead of $77.

How to get its discount?

The first thing is to use this promo link and click on Get Access Now at the top, you will see this.

Purchase Premium List Magnet Premium List Magnet: Build Your List in 2 Minutes Guaranteed with 60% Off sale

The discounted price now is still $37 but, no worries, just click “Facebook Like” button below to get additional $10 discount, the final price is $27.

Checkout Premium List Magnet: Build Your List in 2 Minutes Guaranteed with 60% Off sale

Remember that this offer is time limited and it will expires on September 2, 2011. After that time, you have to pay for $77 to get this tool.

Another cool news is that you can use this tool on unlimited domains with lifetime upgrade. This is absolutely great as other tools offer different prices for different licenses too.

Get Premium List Magnet for Just $27


Knowledge is Power: Protecting Yourself from Parasiteware

Blogging to make money is not an easy thing—even less so when you’re trying to replace a salaried, full-time position.  It takes time, consistent effort, internet savvy, knowledge of niche markets, intuition about readers’ demands , and, maybe most importantly, an understanding of where the online money is and how to get it.  (For any novices reading this, the fundamental principle of making money online is traffic redirection and advertising for other sites or products.)

And as if all this wasn’t enough, there are people and programs actively working against your efforts to succeed.  Probably the biggest threat to bloggers are malware and spyware applications that take the incoming traffic to your site and redirect it to another site, thereby siphoning not only potential new readers but also any income they may have generated for you by clicking on ads on your page or buying a product you recommended.

parasiteware Knowledge is Power: Protecting Yourself from Parasiteware

ParasiteWare - Be Careful!

As with any venture, there are risks involved in starting an income-generating blog.  In order to fully succeed, you need to protect yourself as staunchly as possible against these threats, and the best way to do that is to be well-informed.

For Your Information

Parasiteware, as it is frequently called, or Adware, is an application that typically poses as another kind of helpful website add-on, such as shopping support programs, file sharing networks, or browser help objects.  Most often, these applications or software are installed on the victim’s computer without the owner’s knowledge, either by a “drive-by” installation or bundled in a software package.  Drive-by installs can occur by opening emails from unknown (or already infected) senders, clicking on suspicious pop-ups, or even just by visiting a website.

While similar in nature, Parasiteware is different from Spyware in that Spyware generally gathers information about a user’s web-browsing habits in a effort to sell that information to advertisers.  Parasiteware does also leach personal information, but can also hijack your browser, send a cascade of pop-ups to your screen, and (worst of all for bloggers) can alter affiliate links so that someone other than the intended party receives the funds from a click or purchase.

Here’s a list of some common parasiteware applications:

This list is not comprehensive, but is representative of the deceptive appearance of parasiteware.  For more information, you should visit informational forums about parasiteware and read as much as you can.  Learn from the experience of other browsers and bloggers.  The internet is a wide and threatening place, but one of the greatest comforts of conducting a business online is that for every malicious person, there are a hundred benevolent people, willing and ready to help you achieve your goals.


ThesisAwesome Thesis Skin for Landing Page & Squeeze Pages with $40 Off Coupon

ThesisAwesome is among the most popular Thesis designers in the WordPress market with a lot of awesome skins and products at affordable price. I love their skins because of its quality, reliable support and great features too. Many of their skins are much appreciated by Thesis fans including AZBlogTips.

product skin colors ThesisAwesome Thesis Skin for Landing Page & Squeeze Pages with $40 Off Coupon

How to create this kind of pages on Thesis framework by just drag and drop?

  • Landing pages
  • Launch pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • One-time offer pages
  • Coming soon pages

I guess, you will agree with me that it is not easy at all. But, you know what? You can do it now easily without technical skills. You don’t even need to know much about Thesis framework too. Why? Product Skin for Thesis theme is just by drag & drop. I was amazed at its features when testing it myself.

You will be worried about what I have mentioned about this skin. Just have a quick look at my first demo and see what it can offer you. I have just used 2/10 of its power, if you want to test most of its features. See its DEMO on ThesisAwesome.

My own Demo
ThesisAwesome Demo

What key features you will get from this skin?

You will get 16 Background Colors. Wow! How great this skin is! You can choose among these pre-made colors for different products too.

Product Skin is also compatible with iPhone and iPad too. That is great to show your readers who are now using iPhone and iPad to view your site.

It is not just a landing or squeeze page only. You will be get a great blog design with may features like slideshow, opt-in and banner-ready…

With Product Skin, you will be offered a series of Call to Actions buttons to add to your landing pages with awesome designs. Let’s see its Demo or get your own a copy to boost your sales now.

As an internet marketer, landing & squeeze pages seem to be a MUST as it converts very well. Product Skin can do better than any other landing, sale & squeeze pages as it runs on Thesis framework with SEO power.

There are many things that I can say but it is good to stop here so you can test it your self.

Why you should buy it now?

Buy it now will save you $40 and you need to pay only $47 instead of $87. This offer will last for 6 days only until September 6 with following coupon:

Regular price: $87
Coupon: 6CAE
Discount: $40
New Price: $47


As a Special Bonus, ThesisAwesome will offer you FREE copy of the Silver Skin when you buy the Product Skin for unlimited licenses with lifetime upgrade and support.

The Silver Skin is worth $67. You will get it at absolutely no cost at all when you purchase the Thesis Product Skin.

Get Product Skin Now