CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?


Are you making money with Google Adsense and struggling with low revenue? If yes, you are in the same situation with many bloggers who are running PPC ads on their sites. The problem here is not sometimes coming from your low quality contents or traffic, it can likely come from the placements of your ads or your ad unit size you are running. Why? Let’s discuss this and we will find the better way to maximize your adsense revenue.

I myself have been running Google Adsense on many site from authority to niche sites and experienced this issue from one to another. Some sites with low traffic get higher CPC than the sites with high volume of traffic. That’s why I came to a conlusion that the way we show our ads to readers play an important role in boosting our revenue. Of course, there are many other factors influencing your online revenue too.

Google has suggested its publishers to test out different ad units to optimize their revenue online and few of them did the right way. Optimizing the ad placements without adsense policy violation would help very much in boosting our revenue. This can’t be done manually and most of us usually choose the right themes or plugins to do this. I have tested out several themes called adsense-optimized themes but most of them did not work properly until I tried CTR theme.

CTR Theme Plus is not new to many of you have I am sure that many of you here have tried this theme too. The revenue from Google Adsense from previous themes compared to new theme is different in terms of clicks and further, it also protects us from click bombing from your competitors too.

Let’s have a look at this theme control panel and see why it helps:

CTR plus admin 600x351 CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

CTR Theme Plus Admin Panel

You have different parts to optimize your site and you have up to now 10 sub-themes to use if you think the current sub-theme does not work well. The same volume of traffic and contents but the revenue is different between themes you are using. That’s what I have experienced.

CTR subthemes CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

CTR Theme Plus Sub-themes

The most important part that makes this theme exclusive from others in the market is that it offers you 7 layouts of ads display. That means every time your blog/post are viewed, adsense ads will show at different positions and match with your site color too. This will help you draw more attention from your readers and you will likely get more clicks from them too. The theme does it automatically without any support from third party plugins.

CTR Theme Plus Ad Layouts CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

CTR Theme Plus Ad Layouts

Another point that I love about this section is that it can help you track which layout bring the most clicks to your site and you can keep it like doing a A/B split testing. This is the part that other themes can’t offer you:

CTR ad layouts CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

CTR Theme Plus Ads Tracking

That is not all this theme has. Why so? Google Adsense says that you are the only one who can keep your account in good standing. That means you are the one who has to protect your account, not Google or anyone else. The more click bombing or fraudulent clicks your sites receive, the higher chance your account will likely get disabled. That is the issue most of us worried about. That is also the reason why most of us don’t want to show the sites we are placing adsense ads on. CTR theme plus has built this feature for us called Click Bombing Protection:

CB Protect Settings CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

Click Bombing Protection Settings

With this feature on, you are safely running Google Adsense on any sites without worries about click bombing. What you need to do is to configure how your adsense ads should be displayed for each IP or how many clicks one visitor can make for a specific period. That is awesome feature I have never seen elsewhere. You would love this as I do now.

There are many other features about CTR theme plus and you will get more sub-theme over the time. It is a theme with continuous improvement and you can use on unlimited sites for life.

If you buy it today, you will save $30 and it is worth your investment as I do.

Are you using this theme on your money sites with adsense? Please share your comments!

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  • Awesome theme.I will bookmark this post and use it for some niche site theme in a few days.

  • Hi Tinh,

    This is the first time for me to know about this theme or any theme that is this much optimized for Adsense and PPC, it’s really amazing how customizable and configurable this theme, definitely worth looking for to be used on some websites.

    • I have tested many niche themes or some themes called adsense optimized and I am really helpful with this one :-)

  • Just take a look at this new adsense WP theme.. it looks awesome, and truly, it’ll work effectively for Adsense niche site. Thanks for introducing, Tinh.

  • shahalam khan

    This adsense WP theme looking awesome, hope it works for me, thanks for the share.

  • Quite interested in this theme. I have been looking for a new theme for my education blog to fit in more advertisers. Hope this will help.


  • This is the first time for me to know about this theme or any theme that is this much optimized for Adsense and PPC, it’s really amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this info.

  • I’ll share this article so that my blogmates can check the theme. Many of them are earners and I want to know their impression about this theme.

  • Thanks Tinh Tran you had shared a great theme thanks for it and I think that it will help me a lot.

  • Thanks anyway for the information. too bad, my blog with lot of traffic has been banned from adsense. :(

  • Hi Tinh
    thanks for sharing amazing theme with us. i never know that theme also increase google adsense revenue. thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I experienced a greater CTR via one of my niche site :-)

  • Adsense is the best way to earn for lots of bloggers. I think we need to optimize our site to earn more from Adsense. For this, site theme is very important as you mentioned. it should be user friendly which helps to get more clicks.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the great post! Yes, Google Adsense its a great source of income for many bloggers. I personally also use others ways of monetizing my site.

  • This really seems to be a good theme for adsense earnings, thanks for the good info!

  • CTR theme is really awesome, but is there any chance of getting some sort of penalty in Google SERP for using these kind of aggressive ad positions.

  • Mind Blowing Information – Really Appreciate That Blog Post – Keep It Up Bro !! Regards Tinh …

  • Hello,

    CTR Themes are always best to use for high CPC and CTR. This will obviously gives you better Adsense Income then any other blog.

    P.S.: High CTR with 100% Legit manner doesn’t mean that your account will get banned.


  • Really, Google penalizes these themes, according to what?

  • Yes you are right that this will definitely help in increasing earning through google adsense. I am hopeful that you will continue such informative and helpful post for people like me. Thanks a lot.

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