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Why I Switch from Thesis to Genesis Theme?


After a long time of consideration, testing and reading several reviews about Genesis theme framework especially the comprehensive comparison by Art of Blog, I decided to make a switch from Thesis to Genesis and it seems a right decision at least with my blog.

Looking at this design, you will see a lot of changes in terms of posts arrangement, ads…and many other things. AZBlogTips from what I have heard now loads much faster and looks more and more elegant. I have tested speed with YSlow 2.0 and surprised when my blog gets 85/100 (B).

I am a non-tech blogger and not good at coding and design. I just want to make my blog load faster and faster to drive more traffic and keep my readers stay longer and Genesis seems to serve this strategy from my personal viewpoint. You can test my blog to see whether it is faster or slower compared to Thesis and old design.

Personally, I will not say Genesis is better than Thesis as there are a lot of things that make a blog loading fast or slow and I would recommend you guys to read the review on Thesis vs Genesis theme to have better understanding of this and hear creators and experts debating about these frameworks.

So, Why did I make this switch?

It is very simple that Genesis has fulfilled my needs in terms of site speed. I am still using HostGator on this blog then it is not because of hosting quality, it must be from either Thesis framework or child theme. It is the first but the most important reason that leads to this change.

There are several reasons that also contribute to this switch and I think most of you would love to know just in case you want to do the same thing:

  • Genesis ($59.95) is much more affordable than Thesis ($87 & $164)
  • Genesis support unlimited sites for one price but Thesis support one site for personal ($87) and ($164) for unlimited sites.
  • Genesis has a lot of ready-made child themes by StudioPress while Thesis does not (its own skins marketplace)
  • Genesis child themes price scheme is usually cheaper than thesis skins. Ex. the child theme I am using is a great one for less than $30 while many of my friends said that it would cost more than $100 if it is Thesis skin icon smile Why I Switch from Thesis to Genesis Theme?
  • Genesis is 100% compliant with GPL while Thesis is partially compliant.
  • Much more that I can not tell you as it seems very technical. You can read more at Art of Blog review.

It is just my personal opinion from what I have experienced with Thesis and Genesis on all of my sites and frankly I love Genesis now as it make my blog load much faster and traffic increased since I switched to Genesis. Most of them said that they love my blog as they do not have to wait each time visiting and commenting on my articles.

I will not recommend you to go with either Thesis or Genesis as it is your own decision and investment. I have made my own decision and I am now rather happy with my current theme and design.

Your comments and feedbacks are always welcome!