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Welcome to My New Blog

Hi all, it is hard to say that my old blog eBlogTip dot Com has new owner – a lovely and beautiful girl from Shanghai, China – Grace Kong. She is very nice and interested in blogging and marketing too. That’s why she bought my blog. And that is also why I set up my new home to continue my passion about MMO, affiliate marketing, blogging tips and SEO. I hope you will visit my new blog and continue to share your comments. Frankly, eBlogTip dot Com has not intentionally been born for acquirement as I love it and I would like to make it as much popular as possible. However, no one could predict its future especially when you have urgent thing to do but you do not have money. I myself have been in this situation.

hello world Welcome to My New Blog

Hello World

As many of you have been aware of my motorbike accident for 2-3 weeks ago, I could not update that blog for a quite long time. I also needed a big amount of money to pay for my hospital fees that monthly earning could not cover. The revenue from affiliate networks could not be withdrawn right away as I had to wait until the money back guarantee time passed. Sometimes, it took about 30 days or even 97 days to receive commission. That was why I decided to transfer this eblogtip to new owner to get fast money to cover these stuffs. Luckily, I got new owner on time! I know that many of you who have been regular readers of are surprised when it is not mine anymore. However, I am still guest blogging on for a while and happy to answer your comments here or there once I am fully recovered. I am pretty sure that Ms Grace will continue my work and bring eBlogTip to higher level and provide its readers more values.

Many of you might be curious about how much eBlogTip was paid? And what is the plan for it in the future?

Ms Grace has just announced her plan for eBlogTip. Her earning seems very promising too. However, the deal can not be disclosed for several reasons. We have agreed not to disclose the deal publicly. The most important thing is that you are all here and eBlogTip will continue to share the HOT topics and valuable tutorials for you.

How about

The name says it all. will be a place where I will share all blogging guides, tricks & tips related to MMO, affiliate marketing, blogger, WordPress and SEO tips. All tips will go from A to Z. That means all tips will go from basic to advanced and serve all types of readers. These tutorials will help you make money online in the future. I will try to update this blog on daily basis when I got my left leg fully recovered. Just want to update you on my new blog and some information about my personal life. I hope to get back sooner.

This skin will be replaced with new one which is unique and professional. I have just hired a Thesis designer to do it for me and hopefully, the new theme will be available this weekend or early next week for BETA testing.

Thanks for your support!