PayPal Electronic Withdrawal Service for Indian Bloggers Now Resolved

It is the second time in a nearly one year that this kind of issues happens in India and I myself think that it has caused a lot of problems for Indian PayPal account holders especially those who are doing online business and PayPal is their major payment gateway. Anyway, it is now fine and all electronic withdrawals are now just ok as it is.

As I remembered that Indian PayPal account holders has faced a big problem in the past regarding local bank transfers and personal payment to or from India and many transactions have been reversed due to this issue. The main reason seems similar to this time issue and I guess that PayPal has not strictly followed all related regulations and policies mandated by Indian Government.

PayPal is still the #1 online payment gateway that most of us prefer in terms of selling, buying or any payments as it is very fast with great support. Most of companies and service providers are now using or at least integrating PayPal as one of their default payment method. We can easily get our commissions from affiliate networks on timely manner.

Having a look at Indian PayPal situation, I am a bit concerned about Vietnamese PayPal account holders including me. There have been no major issues since PayPal opened local bank withdrawal  service early this year. This change has boosted our online business since then. However, no one knows what will happen and I do hope that PayPal would have got a good lesson learnt from Indian case to apply for other related countries in Asia.

Congrats to Indian bloggers and thanks to PayPal for prompt action to get this issue resolved. Good luck to Vietnamese PayPal account holders too.

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  • I was really happy to e-mail from PayPal early morning.. Good news for all Indian PayPal users. :)

    • Tran Tinh

      Good news for you friend!

  • There are no issue with our country :D Happy

    • Tran Tinh

      That is good news for us friend :-)

  • WuanLink

    It’s really information usefull for all Indian users
    A few days ago , i sent $ to my friend in Indian but he didn’t received it .

    • Tran Tinh

      Yes, it has happened twice in less than a year and I hope PayPal will take this issue more seriously for future plan :-)

  • Hey Tran, I just wanted to stop by and say that I like this theme you are using. The font is real easy to read and the design is great.

    This situation with paypal is happening way too often, but I’m glad it’s ok now. Thank you.

    • Tran Tinh

      Hi @Ileane, nice to have you here as my first time reader :-) The situation happened twice as I remembered but it is fine now, that is the most important thing.

      Regarding the my blog design, yes, I love this design and its font is awesome that make it exclusive from other blogs :-) Thanks

  • Hi Tinh,
    Well being an Indian, am glad that the problem is resolved. I still don’t have a valid paypal account as we Indians have to take a card called PAN card (tax purposes) before signing up for the account. :-)

    • I am working with some Indian guy.They are very good in computer skill, specially 3D software

      • Tran Tinh

        Indian bloggers are very active and nice too. I love working with them :-)

  • Its a good news for Indian Paypal users like me.. More over Im happy coz they resolved this issue within no time…

    • Tran Tinh

      Yes, this time is faster compared to the last time. Congrats as no PayPal, no money :-)

      • NO paypal= no money.. (Not really)
        Though for me 60% of revenue paid via paypal.. (-:

        • Tran Tinh

          Just kidding, it is not really like that but PayPal is the most popular payment gateway and I has 45% revenue paid via PayPal except Google Adsense via WU quick cash :-)

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