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Hostable Offers 3 Years Premium Hosting FREE Worth $251


As this is a time-limited promotional offer that is only available for new clients, I would like to share with you before it is gone. This must be a steal to all of us especially those who are looking for a premium hosting service. It is time to act and get your dream hosting service FREE!

Hostable is brand new hosting provider and I am sure that most of you have never heard about before. I have just heard about this provider from one of my friend who luckily knew its offer and shared with me. I think you deserve to have this offer too.

hostable 600x275 Hostable Offers 3 Years Premium Hosting FREE Worth $251

1. Why it is free?

We want to get the word out about Hostable.

2. Why is there a setup fee?

There is a setup fee to make sure you are a real person and verify your identity. The way we do that is by charging a 99¢ fee. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

3. Is this a normal, full featured web hosting account?


4. Will there by ads on my site?

There will be NO ads on your website! (at least not from us).

5. Can I add my own domain name / transfer my own domain / point my domain name at your name servers?


6. What will my domain name / website address be?

We give you an address like – but you can add your own custom domain.

7. How much will it cost after 3 years?

Our current regular price is $6.99 per month, however we often offer sign up and renewal specials that are up to 50% or more off.

The important here is that you can get this deal either by credit card or Paypal. Both payment methods are accepted. This has never happened elsewhere with such a great offer that is worth $251+. Don’t miss this?

How much you will be charged?

As mentioned in the top questions, you will be charged a small amount of setup fee of $0.99 to ensure that you are human, not spammers. It is nothing compared to what you are offered. See its hosting features to know what you will get.

Just a quick notice and hope you can get this offer on time. If you can not register this free package, you should chat with live chat to get detailed guide on how to register properly. You can spread word to your friends to enjoy this deal.