Hostable Offers 3 Years Premium Hosting FREE Worth $251


As this is a time-limited promotional offer that is only available for new clients, I would like to share with you before it is gone. This must be a steal to all of us especially those who are looking for a premium hosting service. It is time to act and get your dream hosting service FREE!

Hostable is brand new hosting provider and I am sure that most of you have never heard about before. I have just heard about this provider from one of my friend who luckily knew its offer and shared with me. I think you deserve to have this offer too.

hostable 600x275 Hostable Offers 3 Years Premium Hosting FREE Worth $251

1. Why it is free?

We want to get the word out about Hostable.

2. Why is there a setup fee?

There is a setup fee to make sure you are a real person and verify your identity. The way we do that is by charging a 99¢ fee. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

3. Is this a normal, full featured web hosting account?


4. Will there by ads on my site?

There will be NO ads on your website! (at least not from us).

5. Can I add my own domain name / transfer my own domain / point my domain name at your name servers?


6. What will my domain name / website address be?

We give you an address like – but you can add your own custom domain.

7. How much will it cost after 3 years?

Our current regular price is $6.99 per month, however we often offer sign up and renewal specials that are up to 50% or more off.

The important here is that you can get this deal either by credit card or Paypal. Both payment methods are accepted. This has never happened elsewhere with such a great offer that is worth $251+. Don’t miss this?

How much you will be charged?

As mentioned in the top questions, you will be charged a small amount of setup fee of $0.99 to ensure that you are human, not spammers. It is nothing compared to what you are offered. See its hosting features to know what you will get.

Just a quick notice and hope you can get this offer on time. If you can not register this free package, you should chat with live chat to get detailed guide on how to register properly. You can spread word to your friends to enjoy this deal.

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  • Sounds pretty good Tinh, thanks a lot for the notification through mail. I am going to sign up for this one :).

    • You are welcome and hope you like it :-)

    • I don’t trust it, my friend told me, after 2 months, his hosting was slower and after that, it was suspended without reason.
      But, if you want to try, I recommend you to use paypal.

      • you tell me link demo, thanks.

      • I think, free even free premium will never be as good as paid one. However, $0.99/3 years is worth a try for beginners who are using free hosting. We can not tell whether it is reliable or not after testing it for at least 3 months. I do agree that, we should use PP to ensure that our CC is secure :-)

  • Hi Tinh, Glad to have your old domain back!
    This Webhost certainly aims for lots of paying customers in the long run (at least for the next 3 years) but for now, it’s a great deal! I’ll surely get it while it last xD

    By the way, You’re logo sucks (Take it as an open suggestion please), mind creating a new one? hehe

    (Ghost reader, not much participative in the past on this blog)

    • Are you willing to design one logo for me :-) I do appreciate that very much!

      • I will design for you a logo for free, i just want to make friend with you. Contact me via email

        • sorry just 1 @ in the email

          • Thanks @Hai Nam. Just shot you a message :-) I do appreciate your willingness very much!

        • Thanks @Hai Nam again. Have you got my email yet?

  • Tinh is the company a trusted one, i mean using Credit Card with a very new company, is it safe?

    • I am not 100% sure that it is a trusted one but for security, I would recommend you using PayPal instead of CC :-) You can live chat with them to know more about this too

  • i got my unlimited hosting just now. :) i dont trust the term “Unlimited” anyhow .99$ is not a big deal to test and find the quality of hosting provide with cPanel powered. If they are not keeping their promise up then they will obviously face the worst review from bloggers specially. lets see.

    Thanks for the great great article Tinh Tran. Cheers.

    • You are right, and I know that they will die if they don’t keep their promise as there are a lot of great hosting providers out there. I am happy as you have good hosting package in hand. I don’t like unlimited word as it is still limited to CPU % :-)

  • Thanks you very much

  • Really really very thankfull for sharing this great offer. I have just registered it. I’m came to know by email because i’m a subscriber of your newsletter. Thanks for sending such a great information.

    • Hi @P.K.ARUN, thanks very much as you still remember my blog :-) Just kidding. As this offer as mentioned on its homepage is time limited then I decided to shoot my commentators an email to inform :-)

  • why I can not register? please help me

    • As support staff said, they have problems with registration system and some of my friends reported that they did register this morning successfully and loading speed is good

  • Free premium hosting? Really nice to know :-)

  • Thanks friend for this article. It is great, but i meet some problem when try sign up, I cannot finish it when click check out button, so can you tell me WHY?

    • As @Vu Nam Hung mentioned, there is errors with their sign up system but it seems working fine as some of my friends reported that they got their account successfully this morning. Good luck friend!

  • I just chat with supporter, she said there is an error on their system so no one can register at this time, we need wait for some hours

  • Hosting for free!! this is great sharing, thanks…

  • I got a mail from u regarding Hostable. I checked the site. It looks too new in hosting biz. Not sure whether it’s worth spending time registering there. What u think?

    • It is a brand new hosting and this is the way they pr for its service instead of paying Google or advertising networks. It is hard to say now mate, we need at least 3-6 months to make sure whether it is reliable or not.

  • Ooops! Guess they already have more business than they can handle. :) Got an error message that the website at is down.

    Do you know if the servers are based in the U.S.? The ad says support is U.S.-based, but doesn’t mention the servers.

    Thanks for sharing the offer. And glad you were able to un-hijack your domain!

    • I don’t know but you can chat with them via live support, it is fast. I forgot asking them yesterday. It was down as this news was shared on many big forums too then a lot of people registering this package too :-)

      Thanks for your comments, it took me more than a month to claim this domain and happy as it returned to me as the only owner :-)

  • I also can’t register, after submit, it just loading and nothing action, like freeze.

    • I guess the traffic to their site is huge then it can be overloaded too. Hope you can get it soon before it is gone, I mean the promotion!

  • wellcome back
    This is glad but i don’t have money, thank you.

  • Thanks Bro… for informing abt this offer :D

  • i want to using my domain. but i don’t change. please help me

    • Chat with their staff mate, I am not working for them :-) But I think, you can use addon domain to do that :-)

  • Hey tinh thanks for sharing this great offer…i guess there is no harm in trying hostable for just $.99 :)

    • Thanks Lucifer, I have same idea on this too. $0.99 is nothing :-)

  • Good to have you back here Tinh!
    ANd free hosting for 3 years!?!

    thats another host and set of IPs for nothing!

    Hello blog network ;)

    • Thanks @Alex for comment. What do you mean “thats another host and set of IPs for nothing!” I could not get that point :-)

  • Hi, can you able to write how to move from one host to other host? bec i’m facing some trouble in moving, that’s y.

    • You mean steps without loosing traffic and ranking? I can and I will try to do it tomorrow :-)

      • yes, and also I don’t know how to shift from one server to another (basic)i’m getting lot of confusions to move.

        Now i want to move from dreamhost server to hostable server so I need step by step guide to move without any problem in google or down time.

        please write a detailed steps with images (if possible).


        • I will try but not sure that can be with images as I don’t have any website that need to be transferred as DEMO :-)

  • Great deal, thanks for sharing for our website Computer Tips and Tricks We are using HostGator Server. But now, I am thinking that for any type of experiment it is good deal to try this new server.

    • But, I think it should be for testing purpose only and you need at least 3 months to ensure whether this new hosting service is fairly reliable to use for long time

  • Which plugin you are using for automatic linking for keywords. Because when in comment I use HostGator word then it is automatically linked with your tag link.

  • wow… nice info… now i still use local domain and hosting from my country, indonesia.

    • You should give it a try and see how it works, but should not move all there after 3-6 months testing :-)

  • Looks like a great offer and going to sign up now.. 1$ hosting for 3 years…May be a good idea to use it as a test server :)

  • Friends this Hostable is 100% scam.yesterday(21-03-2011) i registered on their website for 0.99$ hosting.I made payment to them on yesterday approximately 7.00 PM through paypal not credit card(since don’t know about the hosting whether it is real or not).Right now today 2.26 PM but they didn’t activated my account.The Invoice Remains Unpaid.I have contact the live support team they told me that my problem belongs to Billing System so they can’t do anything.They are giving 100% guarantee for Support but it is not true!Wait i have some screenshots regarding fake support system and fake billing system!Will post these soon here!

    • I don’t think so friend, let’s see a lot of readers here who have registered successfully even Harsh from ShoutMeLoud, chect it out at his blog and see the screenshot. You need to email their billing system and show payment proof and ask them to activate it. Good luck

  • Very Fast Server Compare With Hostgator

  • Friends still my account is not activated.Still i didn’t get even single email from them!My support ticket is almost waste.Due to lack of time i can’t post the copy of my blog article here!I have posted detailed information on my blog
    @Admin if you believe me and if you take care about your visitors regarding Hostable than approve this comment or else simply Mark it as Spam Or Trash.Like me many may lose their money and MOST VALUABLE TIME in it.You may link your update to my blog article regarding it!Thanks for this nice Opportunity!

    • Well, thanks friend for your update but I still wait and see other updates, can’t say something about something from one side, that is my style :-) It is sad to hear that you could not get your account setup, my advice is to talk with them via whistlephone, it is free to call US and push them on this, otherwise, ask for refund or dispute this on PayPal too. See my above comments also and check out ShoutMeLoud for hist proof of successful registration, he is also from India where you live then it should be okie :-)

      PS: Looking at your article, frankly, it does not mean anything to me just showing your tickets and unpaid invoice, you must show PayPal proof to convince me and others that you have paid and it is an evidence to claim with Hostable too. Another reason that they delayed to activate I guess was that there have been big sign-ups since they opened this promotions while they have limited staffing, just my assumption :-)

  • seems good but they are not providing any free custom domain rather than that giving blog like domain thatz the only drawback.
    Though nice offer I ll must try

    • I don’t understand what you meant mate, can you elaborate this? Thanks

  • I would never try experimenting such new hosting services. If your blog is very small, then only we should dare to experiment.

    • Me neither, I just used it as test server for my demo site, never use free hosting for real websites :-)

  • After a a long time chatting with their(Hostable) representative i finally got my Hosting Account.They told me that they have some technical issues in the billings system.So they can’t respond to my support ticket and also for my message.After 2 hours chatting with them finally they bring my account!let me use this for testing purpose,still i couldn’t say it is reliable one!
    @Santhosh today is not an April 1.So say your fool jokes on April 1.
    @Tinh Tran!I agree with your “Me neither, I just used it as test server for my demo site, never use free hosting for real websites”.What is your gtalk id ha?

    • Happy to hear that your hosting account is now fully setup. I have thought chatting with them to figure out or doing an investigation review here if I found out something weird. Good luck friend :-)

  • Looks pretty good… Will use this server for my demo sites…Plan not to use for my established blog

  • Today, hostable send me an email, they said that thay will renew after 3 months and I must pay about 20$ (about 7$/month).

    I use Debit Visa to pay, I dont think it safe now with their scam. What I should do now?

    • Login to your account and remove your credit card out immediately if they don’t keep promise, if unable to do so, ask them to manually remove it

  • Hong Thu

    Today I received notice of Hostable that their confusion about this program for free hosting. That is wrong between 3 months to 3 years and they are required to pay for their three months at a cost of $ 20.97 USD instead of paying $ 250 USD they will remain for three years use.

    • That is too bad and I think you should quit and remove your credit card, I hate those who don’t keep promise. If this is true, I will write a bad review about this, please forward that email to: tinh at azblogtips dot com

      • There are no problem. They just changed their period AFTER 3 YEARs next. Instead of make payment for 3 years hosting, now, you will make payment for 3 months. If you want to make payment for 3 years (for next 3 years using their host), they will discount (about 50%).

        If that’s true, I think It’s awesome!!!

        • Good to hear that. I have talked with them via chat last night when I got your comment to figure out what exactly the implication is and it seems fine now

          • Glad you got it figured out it can be annoying when they don’t do what they said they would

      • Hong Thu

        I have forwarded 2 email of Hostable to you.

        • Thanks, I have got these emails and it seems the new one sent after my chat :-) Anyway, everything is clear to me now

  • Hi,

    The offer seems great. I myself have already purchased two account and 3 gurgaon websites are already up.

    The Hosting looks great. However technical support still needs to be worked on.

    • Good to hear that you liked it and hope they keep their promise as they have done at Brinkster :-)

  • I’ve just registered one only 99 cents, but I got a problem with captcha image when I tried to install FS contact form plugin :(

    • Let check with their support and see what is allowed and what is not to solve it out. Good luck friend :-)

  • It seems your site is working fine now, right? Any problems?

  • That is too bad to hear that. What did they respond to your concerns regarding 500 errors?

  • This is a good offer I guess. But what’s the catch of giving away free premium hosting? There must be a downfall on availing this free hosting. I need to know it by myself anyway.

    • Yes, I think simply that instead of buying ads through adwords or banners, they are giving it free and it will draw more attention rather than paid advertisinfg :-)

  • Hi Tinh Tran, may be seeking a critical mass of sign-ups in order to obtain special benefits from the leaders of the web servers. When they provide this hosting free for 3 years, what commissions or benefits do you get by promoting this? Bye

    • Well, I think simply that instead of paying for paid advertising via AdWords, AdBrite or Chitika to deliver their message, they can simply reserve some space for free hosting to double opt-ins. I am sure that free hosting has its own limits like CPU, extra features…then you (as free client) have to pay for those addons :-)

      • Hi Tinh Tran,

        Thanks for your response. May I give you some figures of the number of domain names hosted by

        As at 25 April 2011, has 5415 domain names hosted. A week earlier (18 Apr) there were 4736 domain names. At 11 Apr, there were 4208 domain names. At 4 Apr, there were 3058 domain names hosted by On 28 Mar, there were 1924 domain names. On 21 Mar, there were 746 domain names only.

        No doubt has been very successful in drawing many people to its offer of free 3 years of hosting. Such rapid growth and without collecting hosting fees are quite a financial feat, seems like it has gold mines at its backyard.


  • Is this offer, valid even now?

  • that is a really impressive service, If I was int he market for hosting I would def check you guys out.

  • i will definitely give it a try. Just have little confusion, is hostable reliable?

  • in simply i not mean it but it seems good it is not providing any free custom domain that giving blog like domain that is the only drawback.

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