Google Sitelinks Updates: More Details and More Links

I was surprised when searching my blog keyword today on Google and saw a new way of listing sitelinks. It is not just links listed under your key domain; it shows more details from those links on Google as below:

azblogtips Google Search 600x473 Google Sitelinks Updates: More Details and More Links

Looking at these sitelinks, you must agree with me that your blog is getting more and more exposed to readers too. Further, you will see more sitelinks rather than before. Google now allows maximum of 12 sitelinks, not just 8 links.

Personally, I love this way of displaying sitelinks as my readers will see more details from their links of interest, not just a keyword and hyperlink. They can see some parts of each sitelink and likely click on that link to the landing page.

Another important thing is that, we can create our sale page/squeeze page to redirect to. If we are lucky, our sale pages/squeeze page can be listed on Google and potentially draw more attention from prospects too.

What do you think about this improvement? Any suggestions to play with this change?

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