AZBlogTips October Revenue

October seems a boring month for me and AZBlogTips too. I have been stuck with my regular work and planning for closing my office project which could lead to loss of my job be the end of December. I have also been busy looking for new jobs, interviews and completing some procedures too. That’s why I could not write up tutorials on affiliate marketing and blogging as usual.

I would fully be back with my regular posting scheme and I can guarantee to share my secrets about affiliate marketing and how to make money with CPA in the near future. I need some more time to get new job and hopefully I can get new offer at the end of this month or by Mid of December.

Here is my revenue for AZBlogTips in October.

AZBlogTips Total: $1,377.33

Grand total: $2,377.33

There are some down for several affiliate programs and up for new ones like ThinkHost whic has brought me $400 in October. That is one cool green hosting provider under DreamHost.

See other monthly revenue summary: July, August & September for reference and see whether it is stable or unstable!

Thanks for your continued support and I hope my monthly revenue does not make you disappointed then

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  • You’re rock Tinh.
    You worked well with CJ

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks Hung, it is not really what I wanted but it is harder now when a lot of people jumping in :-)

  • It is still very impressive, Tinh.
    Hopefully your revenue will increase next month, I’ve just got the keyword winner plugin from your link. :)

    • Tinh Tran

      Good luck @Tuan. Thanks for your comment, whatever link you used to purchase that plugin is fine with me :-) I hope you enjoy it!

  • WOW! impression!

  • Hi Tinh,
    Wow, you made some good money there. Great to hear you will be back with your tips.

    I believe I found two typos.
    1) In the second para, I think you meant ‘at the end of the ‘month’ instead of ‘money’.
    2) In the second last para, I think its ‘stable’ instead of table.

    BTW, it is nice that you loaded mobile theme. The original theme was taking a lot of ‘data’. See you soon.

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks for your reminder of those typo mistakes, just fixed it :-)

      P/S: I want to make my site loading faster via mobile devices for those who love it and speed is my priority for mobile devices :-)

  • Nice earning ! :)

  • wow, visit $468.05 big money.

  • wow, That is pretty good earnings. :) congrats…

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks friend. I will try to boost it up but It is rather harder as I have been stuck with my job now :-)

  • Congrats Tinh. But Azblogtips’s revenue is almost the same as last month’s. I too thought so that you were busy with something else.
    I am happy with the month of October. Crossed the $3000 mark this time.
    Best of luck for the future Tinh.

    • Tinh Tran

      Great share friend. That is indeed such a wonderful earning for you :-)

    • Rank Bimal Roy Crossed the $3000 mark this time. Congrats you, i hope my blog same Mr Tinh and you.

  • Wow , Tinh great job dude!
    Did you do all this just from azblogtips?
    That means you have a strong user database. Btw did you do email marketing to or just from sales generated by your on page ads/links etc

    • Tinh Tran

      I did both friend :-)

  • Very healthy stat. Congrats on your profitable stat.

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks @Bilal for your comment. Wish you all the best :-)

  • That’s a great money for anybody here in Nepal. $2377 is our NRs. 166390 which is much more than anybody’s salary here. The monthly expenditure for any average man is NRs. 10,000.

    Your figures clearly shows how easy is it to live happier if worked properly. Thanks for sharing those figures.

    • Tinh Tran

      @Suresh: Thanks for your drop-by and I think there are many bloggers who can make over $10k/month and that is what I am planning to target in the future :-)

      • Wish you best of luck and I’m following your foot steps.

        • Tinh Tran

          Thanks @Suresh. Good luck to you too :-)

  • I can not believe in my eyes :) That ‘s a my dream…

  • You are working so great with Commission Junction. I like that !

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks, you have done better than I do :-)

      • No, I just got a little bit with Commission Junction !

  • Incredible. It’s a huge money for me. Congratulation!

    • Tinh Tran

      That is not big with many other probloggers but I am happy with my genuine revenue :-)

      • I believe that you can make more because you’re using Adsense. Try your best, my friend.

        • Tinh Tran

          Adsense on AZBlogTips is nothing and I just removed it after one week testing again as CTR and eCPM is not good enough to keep it running :-)

  • Congrats. It’s a decent income though you are a part-time blogger.
    Good Luck for your job hunt.

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks, I wish to get my new job offer before Dec. 31 :-)

  • Pumama

    Your Earning is Amazing!
    ~$1k3 is not a big income but It is dream with many Vietnamese Blogger :D

    • Tinh Tran

      Yes, it is small with you but it seems a decent income for new site like AZBlogTips and it contribute up to 20% of my total revenue :-)

      • Pumama

        No no,I mean small with YOU and many pro bloggers like you :((.
        1k3$ is my target :)

        • Tinh Tran

          Oh, I guessed you meant small with you :-)

          • :((.My earning at now is ~ 600$/month :((.

        • From

  • This is very huge amount :) i am finding the way so that i also can earn from my blog as you are earning.

    • I hope you can :X

    • Tinh Tran

      You can do that even better than I do but it needs sometime to do so friend :-) You can not rush

  • Yes !
    It is big money with blogger VietNam,but it is not big money with Tinh :D

    • Tinh Tran

      No, wrong. It is big to me too even it is only $100 :-) I love money even a penny LOL

      • Thats great. Value every penny you earn :)

        • Tinh Tran

          Wish you all the best @Mani. Yes, I value every penny I earn online :-)

    • Hehee. I think so !

  • Impression with thinkhost :D .

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks friends :-)

  • Rado99

    wow Tinh, you have earned a lot.

    And what source you use for your coupon site you just sold? wordpress or you coded yourself?

    • Tinh Tran

      The site I sold is PHP Script, not WP. I bought it and customized and sold it when it started generating revenue :-)

  • You’ve done well with the money you are making. Allows everyone to see a behind in the case of how we should start improving to make money. Thanks for this.

    • Tinh Tran

      You are welcome @Peter. It is nothing with other big bloggers but it is a decent revenue for myself :-)

  • karma

    What a nice income. Congratulation, Tinh.
    Anw, don’t you think you can replace your current your by this blogging ?
    That’s great to be your own boss , isn’t it ?

    • Tinh Tran

      No @Karma (Quyen). I will not quit my current job as blogging is just for fun at least now, it can help generate some extra cash but it should not be my permanent job now. Not sure in the future :-)

  • It’s really a good earning. Congratulate!

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks friends. Wish you all the best!

  • You are doing great in terms of Affiliate Marketing. Now as Adsense comes to the list, hope for a better revenue next month.

    • Tinh Tran

      Just put adsense back to test the CTR, eCPM but it seems too bad and I have just removed it now. Happy to make money with affiliate marketing :-) Thanks

  • Wow!

    You call that a boring month! Hehe, if you make more than that each month and this is one of your lowest, I’ll have to say, no wonder you’re bored! LOL. You’re an inspiration Tinh. You make use of affiliate marketing and site selling well. You’re one of the bloggers who’s actually making money with websites.

    You have to write an ebook now and get it out there so that we can follow your footsteps! Use MailChimp to market it. ;)

    I’d love to hear your story. Well, now to see the other months and see what went up or down. Hehe.

    Talk soon!

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks @Thu. It was indeed such a boring month and November seems the same as I had a lot of family business to deal with, no time for posting and several of my blogs had same problem too!

      P/S: I will think about writing an ebook for myself only and it is a big job as I am such a lazy man, hard to sit down and writing up a 100 pages ebook. Anyway, that is what I intended to do soon :-)

  • Hey Tinh,

    I wouldn’t call that boring at all. You’re doing great there! Yes it can be tough sometimes but I know you’ll pull through ;)

    • Tinh Tran

      But it was a boring month with me @Bryan. It does not mean the money I earned not down but the posting activities were very boring here :-)

  • Wohhhhh this is really quite amazing – great work with the affiliate sales – shows that hosting works wonders for bloggers :D

    • Tinh Tran

      Oh yeah @Murlu, anyone out there does not need hosting to run a wordpress-powered blogs? :-)

  • Glad to see your earnings increase every month, that too with azblogtips with is a new blog as far as I know. You are doing great dude, keep up the good work. And do be posting tips on how to increase our earnings too :D

    • Tinh Tran

      Yes, Shiva. I will but hopefully I can do that early Dec. as I need to complete my work here (family business) :-)

  • It’s nice income, I hope I get success with Commission Junction like you.

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks @Apple, you can do better than I do :-)

  • Congrat! Keep going men. I love your blogs!

    • Tinh Tran

      Thanks, I hope you will continue to share your comments here :-)

  • Nice to hear you got some good money by selling one of your sites. :)

    • Tinh Tran

      That seems a new business model. Some businessmen are lazy to start a new website or not good at coding, we can provide them a good model too :-)

  • Nice
    thanks you azblogtips

  • Hi Tinh,
    I recently register on for referral programs. But i don’t know where to get referral link. Pls help me out as soon ASAP

    • I am not affiliated with them now so I can’t help you out with this program now

  • But you recently use them. I just want to get referral id. But i can’t find where to get !!

    • This is long time ago, please look back and see when this post was published :-)

  • Sorry for off topic but I am waiting for your new income report of FEBRUARY and March for a month. When you will share it?

  • whole earnings from azblogtips only ?

  • This is very good income considering your blog traffic according to Alexa.

  • You ask if I’m disappointed when reading your revenue report – I find it inspiring! It shows me that it’s possible to earn money online.

    I haven’t yet started trying to make money online with my website in a focused way, but am researching and thinking about how I will go about it. So your website gives me some ideas about that. I’m not expecting to make a fortune – although that would be nice :), but a reasonable regular income would be great – and your open-ness about your income is really helpful – it’s appreciated.

    Hope you are still doing ok – you said you might be losing your job – hope that didn’t happen – unless you wanted that of course. Thanks for your website and all the tips you give us.


  • Wow.. Great Earning..! Hoping for more monthly Revenue report..

  • It’s a great strategy to show your earnings to get more people comments on your blog Tinh,

    Just learn a good idea from you :)

  • You have made more money from affiliate marketing. So why didn’t you write Bluehost?

  • Hi Tinh,
    Looking at your revenue above, I think you should focus to boost your revenue through affiliate marketing on your blog, instead of bothering with regular jobs.

    However, I hope you’re already got your new job now, and increased online revenue.

    Looking forward your online revenue report post on this month :)

  • ya its really awesome,you have to mind on your business,and concern to your work

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