Top 6 Signs You Have Subscribed to the Wrong Web Hosting Service

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A good web hosting service is essential to operating a website or a blog. Choosing a wrong hosting provider means your business would likely be ruined some days as your clients will never find your products and you are sonly blacklisted as scams.

site down 600x400 Top 6 Signs You Have Subscribed to the Wrong Web Hosting Service

This article should help you determine if you are getting your money’s worth with your web hosting services.

1. Your web hosting service keeps changing your contract.

As usual, your contract with hosting provider will remain unchanged until next payment if any. The reliable hosting services will never change your contract on every 3-6 months with any reasons. If this happens, your hosting service is NOT reliable and you should choose another one ASAP.

2. Your monthly fee keeps increasing and you are not explained why.

That is too bad if your hosting company keeps increasing monthly fees without your permission. Hosting price plan is fixed at your checkout and it will only be charged if you order extra features or you would like to upgrade to higher package, otherwise, your fixed price plan will never be changed. If your hosting company keeps charging you for no reasons, you should stop using their services and switching to other hosting providers.

3. You do not have access to statistics about your visitors.

As far as I knew, all hosting services now use either Cpanel or directAdmin that supports tracking your visitors or statistics of your usage. If they disable these features, you should ask them to turn it on. If they insist keeping these features off, you should think about other hosting services.

4. Your website is regularly down for extended periods or time.

That is extremely bad when you see your website down several times per day without any notice or support are unable to reach. For some big and reliable hosting such as HostGator, StableHost…you can reach them on real time via live chat and your issues can be resolved within minutes.

5. You cannot update your website easily.

What do you think if you can not update your websites? Most of reliable hosting services allow you to access control panel where you can update your websites without any limitations. However, some bad hosting services don’t allow us to do so. That is time to look back and see whether you can trust this hosting company or not.

6. The number of visits to your site is limited by your contract.

Most of hosting contract nowadays does not limit number of visits to your site. The only thing that shared hosting services limit is percentage of CPU usage or bandwidth or space no matter how many visitors your site receives per day. If your hosting contract mandates that your site is limited to 500 visits or so per day, you should consider changing to new one soon.

If this article has opened your eyes about the web hosting service you are currently subscribing to, you should start looking for a new service. Take the time to compare prices and contracts.

I myself have experienced with several big shared hosting service from JustHost to BlueHost and now HostGator. I can say that HostGator seems the most reliable one that can serve my purposes and their support is extremely friendly and fast. All of my issues over last two years have been resolved in less than 2 hours.

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  • Hostgator is popular and reliable web hosting and there is no doubt about it. If anyone looking to change their web hosting then they should try HostGator.

    • Thanks @Aaron. My advice to use HostGator comes from my own experiences after using JustHost, BlueHost and many other before :-)

      • you have to use JustHost
        Its quality is good ?

        • JustHost is good but not for medium or big site. It is not as good as HostGator :-)

  • Anna

    Well, so true, very good points! My website is down more and more often nowadays, and it is really annoying. Yesterday it was down for at least an hour and they did not receive any explanation!

    • That’s too bad dude. So what is your hosting service now? You should ask them to refund for the outage time

  • Hello Tinh. Hostgator is fine for a personal blog with not much else to do with it. For my purposes however, I have found Hostgator a lot more expensive when it comes to heavy duty sites and traffic. Handling it is very important to me and of course, a good price. I can say that I have heard from friends that Hostgator has excellent support.

    • Hi Brian, shared hosting will never handle all things like VPS or dedicated servers, however, compared everything between hostgator and other hosting services I have used, it seems the most reliable so far :-) That’s why I stayed with it for 2+ years now and its support is #1 to me. If you have a huge volume traffic sites, my advice is to go with VPS or dedicated servers

  • I ordered Hostgator already using coupon 0.01 & by visa card but they said “Because the credit card used is a virtual card(for electronic/Internet use only), we would like to request a screen shot of the card’s account management page showing the last four digits of the card number and your name. If the name is not available, then please make sure the card number and the transaction are visible. Feel free to block out all numbers except for the last four digits” . So I hate order it

    • That is to protect you. If you are the owner, you can follow the guide

  • I am using hostgator for all my hosting, and i feel happy with their support. I think whatever your business, your website need to always live. and when its go down, the best part of hosting support is get the problem solved within minutes, the ability to get a fast response. Specially for newbie it is really necessary, so the blog/site owner not going to frustrated because of that.

    • That is what I love working with hostgator. Any issues can be handled within minutes via live chat :-)

  • How about those free web hosting? is it bad?

  • I love to use hostgator because it is so simple for somenoe new like myself.

  • I also use Hostgator and it’s definitely the most reliable. Great review, Tihn.

    • That is great to hear any positive review about my current hosting service :-)

  • Hey Tinh,
    I am once a victim from a wrong web hosting. An I well aware of the signs you had given but thanks anyway for reminding. And now I am glad that a friend comments to use the Hostgator. It really helps me a lot. :D

    • Choosing a wrong hosting is not only time consuming but also wasting money too :-)

  • i use hostgator india and i haven’t feel any problem till date :)

    • Good to hear that. You are the lucky blogger

      • Thanks tinh :)
        where you host this blog? and is not working, what happened?

        • This blog and are both on hostgator. It is working, pls check again

          • Dear tinh,
            the homepage is opening well but when i am trying to open any link i am getting Hostgator default 404 page not found error page in every link.

  • Hello, together

    Many thanks for the very good tips. It is to be found really very importantly a reliable Hoster. I was unlucky and my Blog was extinguished. Unfortunately, without announcement and it a lot of work had made.
    Of course, I turn white the Platform sell on a tick and for explanation ask, because I not what I have made wrong.

    Many thanks for this interesting discussion.

  • HI bro,
    im using site5 webhosting, is it good like hosgator?

    • It is hard to say as I am not using site5 now :-) If you feel happy with site5, don’y move. This only happen when you are not happy with site5

  • Hosting plays an important role for our site. we must choose nice hosting. Great points here.

    • You are right. We can not change our hosting services every month :-)

  • What are the differences BTWN dedicated servers and personal servers(MAMP – Appserv) in performance and speed?.

  • If you go to wrong hosting provider, first you must know their TOS. It can help you refund money or make cancellation on next month.

  • I agree with your above points and I have bad experience with some cheap hosting companies which offer very poor customer support. I have a few sites with HostGator which I believe is offering a great hosting service.

  • i personally feels that hostgator is the best i have ever used

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