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What Destroys Your Conversion Rates?

Conversion rate is an important factor– it makes a website gain or loses money. Conversion rates determine how many visitors complete the task you want them to do. The task is not only related to buying a product it can be anything, either signing up for newsletter or taking part in survey. So it is imperative to keep a check on conversion rates and dig out the reasons if you are facing decline in it. Here are some common mistakes that lower the conversion rate of a website.

Wrong placement of call-to-actions

Call-to-actions are key feature that determine high conversion rates so they should be powerful and positioned at the right place. Placement of call to actions below the page fold raises the chances that your visitor may overlook the content you want him to see.

Distracting Visitor

People often use attractive images or banners that distract a visitor from the doing the action you have set for him. Make a visitor focus on your goal; don’t use anything that diverts his attention.

Neglecting usability

A designer should always keep usability in mind before designing a website. A website, no matter how beautifully designed is worthless if it is not usable. Don’t ignore the usability design principles otherwise get ready for dire conversion rates.

Poor testing

One of the main reasons leading to poor conversion rate is its ineffectiveness of working on major browsers. So check your website on every browser, don’t design it for any specific browser. If it functions properly on Firefox, it should also appear good on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari.

Lengthy Text

Content plays a significant part in capturing the attention of visitor, so it should be engaging and catchy. Don’t use lengthy text; it can create barriers in effective communication. Usage of short and punchy sentences or bullets may work in increasing the conversion rate of your website.

In a nutshell

Use web analytics tools and visitors’ feedback to keep a check on conversion rate, we hope by avoiding the aforementioned mistakes you will definitely get your desired outcomes, and if it doesn’t happen, seek an expert advice from any web design London agency, if you live in UK.