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Those who want to make a positive name in the web world, then they should opt for proper SEO techniques. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the necessary approach to make a website gain tremendous visibility in the virtual world. Anyone who is carrying out business or marketing through the internet should opt for proper and viable SEO techniques. In modern day world, SEO strategies are a to carry out business through the internet. These strategies has proved to be highly beneficial in the overall growth of the website while making continuous effort in increasing the traffic content. Internet marketers will benefit tremendously from these strategies, specifically those who are totally novice to online business or marketing concepts.

Let’s discuss certain things that online entrepreneurs and marketers should do while opting for SEO strategies and techniques.

Before diving totally into the SEO thing, the user should keep in mind one thing. The user should focus on the inner parts of the project, i.e website design and development. This part of the job should be carried out in a proper way. In short, the website should look attractive along with easy to understandable contents.

Designing the website should be carried out carefully. Always keep in mind about the creativity factor. The design should not be complicated. The contents should be written in easy and simple language format. To make the site catchier, the developer can input graphics and image to the website. However, too many image and extreme graphics can spoil the show. It can create a negative impact. Always keep in mind that the site should feature unique and original content. It will help in keeping the interest of visitors intact. Contents should be original and non-plagiarized. This is one of the major fundamentals of SEO techniques. Make sure that things included in the website are totally relevant to the theme. Notable Search Engines focus on not one but several factors while providing rank to websites. Some of the most important factors do include content of the web pages, keyword density, originality, easy navigation, links, etc. It is a must for the developer to create crawler paths as well sitemaps so that Search Engines can recognize easily. All these practices can lead to improvement of the website ranking in those particular search engines, thus ensuring higher page visits.

Always focus on the quality of content rather than quantity. This is applicable to both the fresher as well experienced campaigners. If large percentage of content is of very poor quality or plagiarized, then experiencing higher ranking in search engines will remain in the dreams. Always keep in mind that there is no harm in inputting less content. But those contents should be high in quality and catchy enough to attract traffic and engage them for more time range. Also, the contents need to be informative and beneficial for visitors.

Proper labeling of web pages is crucial. Backward linking should be done carefully and manually. No software tool should be used for the purpose. The page contents should be sectioned well will effective sub headings.

Before logging off, just one more thing: ensure that the site pages are updated on a regular/frequent basis. This will help in attracting more traffic.

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  • thanks for sharing this post. a nice and a useful post on seo.

  • Simple, clear and smart tips Brianne!

    Adopt a simple design, focus your reader’s attention on content and you can never go wrong. First thing’s first: show readers you can solve their problems, then add the appropriate keywords to target your market.


    • I also like your tips and how you managed to point out that quality of content is a factor that should be taken into consideration above all others, including over SEO.

      Good post

  • We know that SEO now is very important for every website. So thanks for your posts , it really made me understand more.

  • SEO is very … very important!

  • some great SEO tips for beginners. I would like to read about some advanced SEO techniques that webmasters should use on their website which are few years old.

  • Notable websites like google do use all these paramters for ranking a site but what about ranking on sites like bing. Are the rules different there?

  • Creating something user friendly should always be the goal. Once you have something of “value”, then work your butt off to rank it using seo.

    • Writing something of ‘value’ is becoming a big challenge in world full of disrespect to copy right rights

  • Writing a good content is one thing that Google wants and it should be easy to understand by all readers around the world. The design must also be simple and avoid too much images and videos, this may slow down the loading of your site. Most readers easily get bored when they find a site that loads slowly.

  • well, you got the point.
    prioritize quality than quantity.

    additionally, I suggest to focus on the niche you’ll be working on and focus on the way to make your visitors happy.
    If they’re happy, they would be glad to visit your site again,subscribe or even make purchasing.

  • Also, it’s important to remember that Google is constantly evolving, so just speaking from personal experience on SEO, don’t overdo it or you’ll likely get slammed with a penalty; use SEO to benefit the article, and it is also a good way to set a few key words and make sure you keep your article on topic, but don’t try to use it to game Google with crappy content and make the same mistake I did.

  • It looks like you have some sort of problem with comment system. The effect installation of Thesis 2.0 in this blog is not good!

  • Hi Brianne,

    Back links today are an essential part of the Search Engine Optimisation because when you are trying to boos your site ranks, your site gets a higher ability of being indexed by the search spiders. It will also help to boost worth traffic to your website.

    It is not enough to have a lot of number of inlinks, you need to have quality links. The content of the sites you have incoming links with must to be related to the content on your website.

    The more the inward links, the better the popularity of a site. Backlinks are very important for SEO and Ranking. Some Search Engines spider, mainly Google gives a lot of value to the number of inbound links. Spiders consider site more reliable that others on the base of number of quality inlinks it has.

    Note that valuable backlinks and relevant incoming links are two very essential scrutinies. Inward links from a website that has good content and content linked to the theme of your website will give you much better stead than a link from a badly designed web site.

    Sometimes search engine optimizers try to twist or operate the search engine. Good inlinks building is the only legitimate method to increase site position in the search engines index.


  • Another amazing guest post on AZ blog tips, Very good beginner SEO tips and helpful to all those who new to seo. Will share this on my timeline.

  • Wow the great article, I think that If a web page attracts links from other pages Google’s algorithm, the software it uses to rank pages. The most common analogy of a link is to liken it to a vote. Web pages secure the first position in a search result by securing more votes than other pages. There’s a lot of dubious SEO/SEM strategy out there that seeks to exploit loopholes in Google’s algorithms (or what is assumed are loopholes in those secret

  • Hello Dear
    nice thought really great point to discuses with me really always use only quality content and unique content in your blog and yes you are right always keep in mind about the creativity factor this is most important think, really thanks for the sharing me

  • i guess most important in only content rather that trying blackhat techniques.

  • hey Brianne !
    An incredible post by you.
    and no doubt today SEO is very famous. i want to add that aesthetics of a website is also important. Although this is a very minute point but important.

  • Thanks for the SEO tips Brianne. Due to many continuous changes in Google Algorithms, it is scary to experiment a new method…

  • Thanks for the SEO tips Brianne. Due to many continuous changes in Google Algorithms, it is scary to experiment a new method…

    P.S., Your comment luv is showing an error Tinh.

  • Writing unique and fresh content is always loved Google bots and spiders. Try to reader-friendly then you can always be SEO-friendly too.

  • Do SEO but Don’t Overdo – I always keep that in my mind. Thanks for sharing this valuable post.

  • That was a very simple explanation but very useful and efficient. Nice idea.

  • How to deal with conditions when a SEO tip which is working for you fine starts impacting negatively after an algorithm update?

  • Hello Dear

    its very informative post i am appreciate with your post and attractive design is must for your site and second points is content content is always king and use only unique and interesting content for your really thanks for the sharing me

  • I like your post. I m impressed with what you said about how web design is important in SEO.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing great article about SEO and it’s usage in the present competitive web world. This is very useful article for online marketing managers. Keep it up such nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  • Thanks for sharing of Tinh Tran,these infomations are so useful for many peoples!

  • Great Post Brianne!

    I believe that SEO is a complete science. Keywords, search terms, algorithms, indexing, content can’t do much unless you are not completely involved in the process.

  • hi,

    This is a helpful tips for people like me who used SEO as marketing tool. Thank you for posting.. Nice Points and a very great information you have there..

    Great information.. Excellent post :D

  • Hey Brianne. Thanks for the post, very interesting and concise. I would also suggest to check the new ‘Insights’ statistics feature on Google Local Business Center. It provides tons of useful information about what customers entered before clicking on your business listing, but also searches trends allowing you to know what they’re looking for. A nice tool.

  • This is such a great post! As blogger our aim is to attract people and increase the traffic to our sites. Content is very important as it brings information on who are you, what are your product or service and how it would help to your viewers. It is also very important as you have lots of competitors out there, when people find your content interesting they end up purchasing your products.

  • Yes! Social Media Marketing is a great help for business, when in terms of generating traffic to your site. With the help of social media presence, your brand will become popular and credible. Since, lots of people are captivated in using it as a form of communication and entertainment.

    Excellent post!

  • If you are able to write fresh content, then don’t bother about the carious SEO techniques. Traffic will automatically start to increase and you can see lot of visitors.

  • I think there is a lot of confusion in the SEO field as of late. It’s quite overwhelming, especially for the average person who has little knowledge about the subject matter. Many of us are still recovering from the aftermath, but there is no reason not to learn more about it.

  • I really liked the point that “there is no harm in inputting less content”. It is simply pointless if you post 10 posts a day with thin content, may be your posts will rank for time being but eventually they will be penalized.

  • Hey,
    Very nice information and it is quite helpful. SEO is must to run a successful website. You have discussed about designing; yes, it is true fact because i’ve seen many undirectional site that annoyed me and finally i quieted that site.

    Web page loading speed is also another factor for SEO and we should work on it.

    thank you for sharing such a wonderful stuff :)

    Keep it up.

  • Just follow the basic SEO techniques and never overdo things. Don’t do greedy and black hat things which might get into trouble.

  • Keep it simple but class. All of these are easier said than done especially for beginners. They think that more is better. But it is not always the case. It took some practice and observation to create a professional looking and attractive site or blog.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing great article about SEO usage in present situations. Now SEO is very important to get some results from search engines. This is very useful information for online marketing managers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  • Lee

    I have been concentrating on seo latly and things seem to be advancing in the right direction.
    Only thing I am worried about is getting to carried away and getting penalised by google.

    Great info thanks lee

  • Hello,
    It is not enough to have a lot of number of inlinks, you need to have quality links. The content of the sites you have incoming links with must to be related to the content on your website.
    Thank you

  • Hi!,,,,
    I also like your tips and how you managed to point out that quality of content is a factor that should be taken into consideration above all others, including over SEO.We know that SEO now is very important for every website. So thanks for your posts,,,,,.

  • “Always focus on the quality of content rather than quantity”. I agree with your comment. When Google updated Panda, the content is a king, so to be sucessful in SEO strategy the content too importance.

  • Today SEO has become inseparable from the Internet marketing. It is not enough to be on top, it is important to make leads.

  • What about Text to HTML ratio ?. I heard that it should be between 15 and 85% . Is it true?

  • hey Brianne, how often would you recommend bloggers to update their site? What would you say is the ideal frequency, and why?

  • If we say Content is King then SEO will be Queen. Without SEO our site will not get good traffic & good ranking. You have added some simple but basic tips which are very impotant for SEO. Thanks for share

  • Thank you for this post. It helps beginners like me in SEO.

  • I find amazing how many websites are giving tips about SEO, marketing, etc… and many of them seem to have a high Page rank. They all say that quality content is very important. Shouldn’t we be able to be doing great with this tips then?

  • Hi Brianne I agreed with all your points. Your points are very expressive but you should high light them. Quality content and link earning will give high rank in SEO now. The prophecy of SEO in 2013 will be disaster if we not follow the changed algorithm of search engine.

  • Hey! I am new in blogging line..! can you help me with some ideas abot making backlinks..? and y are they useful..? other than leaving comments on blogs..

  • If someone is blogging seriously then this is must to know about SEO to attract the organic traffic through the search result. Your tips in the above post is very helpful.As a blogger, i agree with all your points. Thanks for the nice share.

  • Hi Thanks for the tips, certainly original content seems to be the way to gain page rank, however backlinks are also important especially in highly competitive subjects like SEO. Cheers

  • A newcomer to the SEO will find it interesting. The overall plot on what has to be covered in SEO is given. A good read!!

  • Hi Brianne, I am eager to know about the article submission to the article directories. Would love to read a separte article on this topic. Regards

  • Hi Brianne, Your tips about SEO are very clear and appreciable. This triks are useful for me and my friends also.
    Thank you.

  • My guess is that good content is the best thing to have. you do need quality links too for example, but those can come naturally if your site is interesting and has value for the readers.

  • @shtrumphu

    what you are saying is “Content is king” right??
    But somewhere from some succesfull blog i read that.. A mediocre writer who is friend with eveyone of the technorati 100 will get easily more pupular than a Great writer who has no friend at all. so, in my opinion i think that creating network and linkbuilding is as important as content writing.

  • Lee

    Hi Brianne
    Seo has changed so much lately that I think for the good a lot of the old spammy techniques just don’t cut it now and it has gone back to good old fashioned hard work will win the day. That goes both on site and off site.

    Great info thanks lee

  • Lee

    I get it now how important on page seo is just as much as the off page seo. I am still learning and I am not quite sure about tags do I just add a few or add lots to cover just about everything???????. I have just about got my head around meta data and that is now clear it is just the tags and how important are they???

    Await reply lee

  • Short and simple, with clear explanation to some of main points.
    SEO is very important, it helps the Search engine to understand Content more accurately, and seriously speaking “One shouldn’t ever think of any unfair means to Cheat SE” because sooner or later You will surely get caught..!

  • Google Webmaster Tools should always be your friend. Analyzing errors, crawl sinusoids and observing if we do appear on SERP is crucial. When it comes to article marketing we should focus on quality content and submit it to PR websites or in highly ranked article directories. Sometimes it may help if we are running a side blog on our main website. It may help in bringing traffic to our website.


  • To get success in web world these SEO techniques are very useful. One should keep in mind that one unique and creative website have to be designed to get achievements. Nice work and great post.

  • SEO plays an important role in your website optimization because it helps you increase your website rankings and build stronger online reputation. You have to employ unique and effective SEO techniques.

  • i’m still learning about SEO and it drive me crazy.
    but never give up to be a good person :D

  • Today SEO is an essential need for running every successful business. As Brianne already mentioned that the quality should be perfect because it always attracts the readers. The content should be specific.

  • I apply same most of the seo techniques on my blog, Your written post is really helpful in seo for new bloggers. Thanks.

  • SEO is changing all the time and we have to keep ourselves updated to get good results. Your techniques are interesting but I lean on the webpage labeling.

  • Tips and techniques of seo is keep changing time to time. i like your seo techniques pick up some good points. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi blogger!
    Nice post on how to seo a blog, the tactics of seo are having going on changing all the time and knowing each and every technique is a challenge for bloggers…
    Hope you may also like my blog and articles too…

  • “Always focus on the quality of content rather than quantity” – I agree to this point. But how frequent to update content is relevant?

  • Hi Walter,
    Thanks for the nice blog, but what do you mean when you say that no software should be used for the back-linking process? anyone new to SEO would appreciate deeper information on this.

  • One question every time came in to the scene that is which is better in quality and quantity?My vote on quality because if you write 1200 words post in your blog with out giving any good information to readers then that is totally waste.Google always consider quality of blogs.

  • Content + SEO = Killer blog. You’re right, in order to have a successful blog, both quality content and good SEO should exist.

  • Hi Brianne,
    Very informative article you have shared.
    Each and every point mentioned here is very helpful and important.
    Just want to include that SMO nowdays is also important along with SEO. So, we should also have to make strategies for SMO too.

  • Very useful points you mention in this article.But all the content you write in this post in paragraph format.If it is in list post format then easily reach to audience.

  • SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of structuring a web page so that it is found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective manner possible. This makes your web site and its content attractive, relevant and visible to search engines and web searchers.

  • Very good SEO tips and helpful to all those who new to seo. Thanks

  • SEO these days are really tough to accomplish. With all these new algo updates, its hard to follow new ways and trends.

    • They’re making us MAD! Twisting parts to parts :D But I love it where I could see things…

  • Thanks for this post. These are the little things that matter so much in a blog’s success later.

  • nice post Brianne. I also have blog with good domain i have right traffic but i am not receiving so much traffic from google. However post having good and mature ideas

  • good things Brianne. I also have blog with good design and content i have right traffic but i am not receiving so much traffic from google. However post having good and mature ideas

  • Even though some people believe that it is quantity and quality, I still think it is all about quality content. Thanks for sharing.

  • No doubt that quality of content plays an important role . If content is fresh it will definitely increase traffic. Nice tips for beginners. Love your article

  • Great post, Brianne. I wholeheartedly agree that providing unique and valuable fluff-free content is very important. I always try to do that. It takes longer, but I can feel good about posting it.

    Best wishes,

  • Thanx a ton sir for giving such a valuable post which let me understand few things which i never knew and haven’t even tried yet or used them for long. These Blogging tips and how to manage your blog properly is now totally clear to me. all my issues are clear thnx :)


  • Respected Brianne Sir:::-
    Sir these all are good tips for us but sir can you tell me a thooo essay trick of strong optimization.
    Thank You Brianne Sir

  • Awesome Seo tips. To put the reader ahead of yourself is key. It seems harder and harder to get good rankings unless you find keywords with very low competition.

  • Better to have Google keyword tool to search for the best keyword. Long term keywords would like generate more traffic than the short one. People tend to search for something differently nowadays. That’s why I am confused with the two if Google have the tantrums or people who visits.

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