How to Overcome the Case of the Blogger’s Block

The writer’s block is a serious problem for any blogger, who relies solely on this skill to bring readers and traffic to their blog. Especially for those that maintain daily content schedules, producing constant, fresh content can be a challenge. After a certain amount of time, it may quickly appear to the blogger that they’ve written about every topic imaginable.

However, with deadlines coming up and readers waiting expectantly for your next article, it is vital to get back on the writing mindset as soon as possible. The following are some tips that can help you shake your blogging blues and get dive straight into your next great blog post:

bloggers block How to Overcome the Case of the Blogger’s Block

Explore Different Niches

Does your blog focus on a particular niche? If so, then your writer’s block may stem from the problem of exhausting all possible topics related to the niche. Expanding your blog to cover other topics can be a great way to bring in new traffic and readers, as well as the ability to write on fresh content. However, make sure that your new niches are relevant to your original blog niche. If your sports related blog decides to delve into the realm of unsolved mysteries and conspiracies, it will only serve to confuse your audience.

Take a Break

Sometimes, writer’s block can stem from staring at the computer screen for too long. Instead of fruitlessly waiting for an idea to come to you, take a well-deserved break. Go for a walk, read magazines in your niche, or talk to a peer or friend that shares the same interests. In a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere, you may find that ideas come more quickly and naturally to you.

Conduct Keyword Research

If you’re running low on ideas, then one valuable technique is to conduct keyword research. This technique can provide writers with a list of terms that are frequently searched by readers. There are a number of online tools that can help you find high ranking keywords that are relevant to your niche. Not only will they provide inspiration for blogging ideas, they can provide much-needed SEO juice to your site.

Ask your Audience

Instead of struggling to come up with a topic, ask your readers instead for inspiration and ideas. There are a number of ways to directly gauge reader interest, whether through polls or comments on blog posts. If your blog has a Facebook page or Twitter account, then sending out a message to readers can get you directly in touch with them. By engaging the audience, bloggers will not only be able to receive original ideas, they can further strengthen the relationship with their readers.

Allow Guest Posting

If you simply can’t come up with ideas in step with your schedule, then you may want to allow writers to guest post on your blog. Guest posting provides a wealth of benefits, such as reprieve for your writers and a fresh point of view. However, when reviewing posts from guest writers, make sure that you watch out for spammy posts and poorly written articles. Not only will these provide little value to your readers, but it will lower the credibility and reputation of your blog.

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  • You can analyze your competitors blog and can get idea about your next post. I think it’s the best way as you can find out what your niche readers like to read, and that’s what you can come up with.

  • I do agree on your statement Sara. Sometimes we must have a break so that we can think for good and go to the place that can rejuvenate your ideas. Its better to take a break than making a fruitless work.

  • I just read a guys blog about how to overcome writers block. He said the thing that best worked for him is when he made the conscious decision to not have writer’s block. Instead he said he would just keep writing no matter what it was just so he wouldn’t stop.

  • I this that this is easier said than done Elena. I take a break by commenting on blogs to get inspiration. My cycle is usually to write for 4-5 days and then do other forms of website promotion during the other day or two. It is amazing how inspired I am when it is time for me to start writing again.

  • More practical as for me is “Taking a Break” and what i used to do. Break time is a must not only for when Block happens but also in health point of views.
    I usually give myself 2days a complete break and on the contrary that 2days helps me to get more thought and ideas for my next post..!

  • For me , it will be the time to quit that topic for a while and concentrate on other blogs.

  • Yeh now a days i am taking break from writing articles specially too many articles. I am just exploring new sites for new ideas and fresh content.

  • Yes Sara taking rest is the best way to gain more ideas. But we should implement that rest to for research or reading others Blog.

  • Can i use google’s images for my blogger’s blog or Is it a illegal to use image from google?

    • images that you find through google should take you to the original site where it is found. You can use them at your own risk but should at the very least give credit to the original person. You can also use an add on called tin eye to see where that image is found to help if you don’t know who to give credit to.

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