Blogging Tips: To Moderate Comments or Not To Moderate Comments

Figuring out whether or not you will moderate your comments section is a very important decision that many bloggers have to make. After all, the comments section is where a large majority of the visible action regarding your blog occurs. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that you approach blog comments responsible.

So what are some pros and cons of moderating comments?

Well, let’s start with the cons. Moderating comments takes a lot of time, as you’ll have to approve of each one as it comes in. This means constantly checking your email for notifications of comments. Wading through all of these notifications, especially if you have an extremely popular blog, can seriously take away valuable time that you could use to do other things to improve your blog, such as creating content or seeking advertising revenue. Moderating comments also tends to cut down on the immediate back and forth play of a fruitful discussion, which can stunt the intellectual growth of your readers.

no spam logo Blogging Tips: To Moderate Comments or Not To Moderate Comments

And yet, there are definitely pros to moderating comments. By moderating comments, you can keep your comments section clean of spam and, in extreme cases, unhelpful or even rude comments. You can also better control conversations on potentially divisive topics. This will help keep wildfires and flame wars from starting up and going on unchecked.

Really, as a blogger, you should determine the kind of community of commenters that you have, and you should examine your own time resources, as you decide whether or not to moderate comments. It really comes down to the kind of community of discourse that you’d like to foster around your own blog.

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  • Personally, I hate leaving a valuable comment, putting my heart and soul into it and after posting being told my comment awaits moderation… And then I have to wait for the lazy blogger and perhaps he moderates it later that week. I’m very performance driven, and I want results on my efforts now. That being said, I don’t understand how bloggers still waste time moderating comments. Get G.A.S.P already! This is the reason so many blog don’t get a lot of comment, if any :)

    • I totally agree with Ivin. I can’t understand why some blog owners are still wasting time to moderate comments while there are a lot of useful plugins to protect from spam comments.
      Another way is you could set comments in moderating for new visitors only, therefore, your readers could see their comments appear immediately.

    • Actually, I will do both dude. Use akismet and moderate manually at the same time to keep my blog clean. That is also the way to respect our readers and avoid smart spammers :-)

  • Well i m using default WordPress comment settings and initially they are perfect for everyone but moderating each and every comment is painful, and having spam is ever worst then that so i also wrote a article on my blog how to reduce spam comments

  • i am blogspot user. in blogspot, on blogspot there is a function that separates the spam in the comments. very helpful at all. but I still To Moderate Comments to choose comments which I will publish…

    • Yes in blogger you should always keeps moderation on because, it does not give you full control like WordPress and spam filtration is also horrible

  • I must moderate comments because my blog receive a lots of spam.. :) But as you said, it take lot of time..

    • Me too and also allow those who have previous approved comments to be passed :-)

      • Yes, my comment setting also like that.

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    • That is because of the designer technique and I can not help you with this :-)

  • I hate it when I write a comment in a blog and shows that it is awaiting moderation. It is better to use plugins like Askimet. But if you are really paranoid about getting spam, then it is better to auto approve comments if the author has one or two previously approved comments.

    • That is because you are the first time visitor. If you are a regular reader, you will never see that message :-)

      • Hi Tinh,

        I am not a first time visitor. I read azblogtips regularly, but I comment rarely. But will comment more :)

        • Thanks @Rison, that means your comments are approved immediately

  • We must moderate comments because no plugin works perfectly but it help in moderating, so its better to moderate comments.

  • I’m curious to find out what blog platform you have been working with? I’m experiencing some minor security problems with my latest website and I would like to find something more safe. Do you have any recommendations?

  • We need to moderate comment to avoid spam comments

  • Its better if we moderate comments to avoid spam as you have mentioned.

  • I still prefer moderating comments as I able to check the worth reading/displaying comments that adds value to the discussion that those useless comments like “Nice post” , “great share” they just comment for the sake of a backlink.


  • I also recommend having comment moderation enabled, because there are lot of noobs wandering here and there selling affiliate products and just comment for a link back to their product…

  • This has always been a difficult one for me, when I first started blogging I was hoping to just leave comments un-moderated but soon enough I was getting 30 spam comments a day so I had to start moderating them and I also set up the akismet plugin.

    But the problem now that I see is that because of spammers people have had to make it more and more difficult for their readers to comment, and with some sites it is now getting to the point that it will just make people not want to comment and contribute to the discussion because it’s so difficult.

    All in all, it’s a lose lose situation for everyone apart from the spammers because while we’re trying to moderate our comments or comment on a blog with a load of captcha’s they’re sitting back relaxing while they have some automated program do the work.

    • That is why we need to moderate it. There are many smart comment tools that can automatically deliver comments like human :-)

  • Well I moderate all the comments, but it depends on level of spam comments you are receiving.

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