How To Make Your Readers Trust You

In another usual chit chat session, I have found myself stumped when my fellow blogger blurted out that though his blog has over 5,000 fans in Facebook fan page, in reality none of them know in him person. This is a pathetic reduction of a blogger to a non-entity. What is the purpose of being a blogger when the people around you do not even know you or have little idea of what your day job? If you are in this vicious circle, you are sure to missing on opportunities galore that may befall on you when you least accept. So, if you wish to earn reorganization and have the limelight right on you, you need to follow the following tips

blog readers How To Make Your Readers Trust You

Introduce Yourself: You simply cannot expect that there will be some kind of divine intervention and your readers will be automatically informed about who you are and what you do. Well, God is still not that much benevolent and I fear, you might have to take the responsibility and make people aware about, who you are and what you do. And you would not have to do anything crazy for that. Just a simple About Us page will do that. All you need to do is to make it look with a good photo of yours and give detailed information about your professional and personal life and there you.

Answer Back to Emails and Comments: Do not rude and do not be evil either. You need to take some time out of your busy schedule and try to reply to comments people have left on your website. Take it this way, if visitors can take the pain of going through the entire post and then comment something nice or otherwise, it is your responsibility to reply back to them. By doing so, you will be able to encourage them and they may try to gather more information about who you are and what you do.

Publish Something About You: Do not make your post look like a self-promotion thing. No one is going to read that rather you can post something inspired from your personal experience. This will draws attention of the visitors and they will come to know who you are without coercing them or pushing them. Storytelling method is a proved effective way of grabbing the attention of the visitors and you give it a while writing in a conversational note.

Social Media Presence: Your social media presence has to be more than just impressive. An ordinary presence can undo the entire effort. Your blog needs to have links to your social media profiles and the other way round and try to gather as many Likes and retweet for your posts. This will increase exposure of your posts to a great extent and you will see more visitors coming to your website from all walks of life.

Attend Events: Attending an event is one of the most popular ways of making your presence felt in the blogosphere. It gives enormous scope to get in touch with bloggers coming from all walks of life and when you will take on the dais, you will all the eyes hooked on you. Prepare a fiery speech and there you go.

Try these small tips and believe me, you are going to see some dramatic difference

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  • Reader trust is essential to writing a successful blog. People like to be around things they can relate to. If you are just a page full of words, readers are bound to go elsewhere; they have nothing keeping them with you. I like the content for this post, but there were many typos. I would hate to see a gem like this be ignored because of that! :D

  • HI Stephen,

    Nice points, I think Social Media presence can alone play vital role and you can build your trust among your followers. “About us” page is important too so that new visitors can know about your personality.

  • nice explanation Stephen Summer,
    well explained , BTW i’m planning to publish my income report every month on my blog . is its good and attract my readers to read my blog daily ?

  • Be responsive to your readers will help. Pages such as the contact and about page also helps build that relationship.

  • The Points are 100% true , but attending Events is difficult, if you write blog with personal experience then reader to seem to enjoy it too much.

  • Reader is what we all blogger looked for and a true a indicator of blogs brand. But with recent emerging of pvt companies claiming to increase fan base (twitter follower, FB Likes, etc) has totally diluted its true value.
    Bloggers shouldn’t use such service, Never Ever..!! Fake are Fake, be a reader or fan..
    All the Points mention by Stephen is true and totally practical, and we should follow such steps to gain readers and fan.

  • Many thanks for the comments. sai krishna – yes that is going to help to get some readers but that can also make an easy victim of Google. So will not suggest that.

    Ritesh Sanap -attending event is a great thing and yah it is tough but that what will make all the differences.

  • Introduce yourself in a way like you are talking to some friends. Also giving the truthful information, replying to their comments on time is great bond maker between you and your readers.

    And I agree with most of your facts, Thanks for sharing :)

    • Well Said, exactly what is in the post but in a short and sweet form

  • I agree Stephen, it is all about interaction with other people. Too many people fail in this area as they want to remain incognito behind the computer.

  • Nice Post! Yes its very much needed to get reader’s trust as you can lately seek much benefits. Like you can easily sell affiliate products and make extra cahs

  • Totally agree with this post……

    If I’m going to be your costumer, this would be the basic things i would be looking for..

    Thank you for spending time just to share this post…..

    Its really informative…….

    Thank you …..

  • Every blogger wants these ideas to make his blogging better and better. You have to mix some other summary in the post to make it more popular.Really amazing tricks.

  • Introducing ourselves is great way to make trusted, and trying to answer our readers will make relationship with readers more effectively :)

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  • i agree ……that email replies makes a strong bonding between the readers and the blog

  • We should always make a formal relationship with the readers like how i started blogging and many others topix like this

  • Like me and have a strong bonding coz of good stuff

  • I think Providing Helpful Content is the key to gain reader’s trust If you are being consistent but not providing helpful content, then you still won’t grow a following. You will do the opposite and repel people! Make sure your articles, posts, videos are coming from a point of “giving” and not “taking”. You must take a step back and look at your content to see if it’s something that you would want to read. If you can say “yes” then you’re on the right track.

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