Tips to Start a New Affiliate Marketing Program

The concept of extending compensation to a person or group that generates leads, drives up traffic or causes sales to happen, for the merchant, is called affiliate marketing. There are many advantages to affiliate marketing for a company. It saves you the work of finding customers, since the affiliate handles this very important aspect. It is in the affiliate’s best interests to find the best customers since the payment happens when a visitor is converted to a customer. Apart from the network fee, the process is cost effective for the merchant as well. There is added visibility for your brand because the affiliate knows where to place advertisements for the most visibility. No wonder then that the common belief is that affiliate marketing is the simplest way to get into the world of online marketing.

If you’re looking to start a new affiliate marketing program, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Find the right spot-or create one

It is logical that people are not going to spend money on just anything. So find out what’s missing or what’s limited in number and plug that gap. This is important because unless money is spent, you won’t make any. Do a little bit of market research, find out an emerging market or cutting edge product and see how you can be part of the whole process. Try the hot trends service from Google or choose keywords to give you workable ideas.

2. Less is more for ads

Once you’ve found a niche and created a website, make sure you update it regularly. We mean update not crowd or clutter. So think along the lines of ‘less is more’. Do away with distracting advertisements and tons of offers from affiliates. What you need is one well-placed ad. If you need more ads, go with one banner ad, one in the text and one on the side. The idea is to click on the ad after they’ve read up on what’s on offer. So keep it simple and focus on fewer distractions.

3. Update, not overdo

Apart from finding relevant ads, you must also work at keeping your content contemporary. Take the time to go through what you’ve put out there and prune, trim and cut if required. Regular updates will ensure that you give your customers the latest news and deals and this will surely score big with them. Content is an effective way to grab eyeballs and seeing how it is the first thing a visitor will notice, make sure it is well written.

4. Think personal contact

The good thing about online marketing is instant connect with the audience. If a visitor has to leave an email id or has an option of signing up for your mailing list, even if he does not buy a product, it can help grow your customer base. You can even throw in a free product or a great offer for each sign up. Making them a part of your mailing list opens up channels of communication and gives the customer the advantage of information. What’s more, the chances of a customer clicking on a link in the email are very bright too. That means more revenue for you. So do consider creating a list.

5. Try the product yourself

If yours is an affiliate marketing plan for a product promotion, do try it out before you promote it. There’s nothing like first-hand information and experience to close a deal. This will also be vital to you because it is your recommendation that people are going to rely on. If you don’t want a loss of reputation, it is better to know what you’re selling or promoting. This is in your best interests, because a bad experience could mean a clamoring for refunds- an end result you can surely avoid.

6. Be honest

Keeping with the previous point, if you’re reviewing a product, do so with honesty. Don’t sugarcoat it, don’t gloss over or pretend that faults do not exist. Tell the customer both sides of the story- you’ll be the better for it. Building trust takes time and effort and you can start right when you speak right.

Affiliate marketing requires effort and consistent hard work. Don’t go in expecting overnight results- it does not work that way. Maintain high standards and keep your eye on the goal.

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  • I like your tip ” Think personal contact”.Its very useful.As your network grows, so does your potential for sales. Make sure you are tracking all of the sales that come from affiliates to determine if you are meeting your sales goals. Offer promotions, be quick to get rid of affiliates that don’t have your best interests in mind

  • Honesty is indeed the best policy! I often ask bloggers if they really try the product they are using because I am a bit skeptical about it. I thought that maybe they are given money for this that is why they are saying high praises. I often got into troubles because of that. Anyway nice article! Keep writing!

    • Totally agree! Honesty is the key. It works better than expensive promotions in a long term perspective and builds customer loyalty

  • Hello Dear

    affiliate marketing is must for your business but use in proper way but most important point is choose correct market for your business in fact your all points are great and useful so thanks for sharing me

  • Having a personal experience when promoting a product on your blog is very important. A reader can really tell if the blogger is really using the product or just being paid just to promote it, but cannot give personal views about it.

  • Yes I come across few websites where in they place so many ads and it diverts the focus of the reader. I feel one or two affiliate links properly placed will serve the purpose.

  • I found this article very useful to start a Ads marketing. This is best post to answer my question.

  • “Try the product yourself”, this thing is very hard. Almost, we sell product for other vendors, Not that we do not have something to sell, but we do not know that it can be sold.

  • Hello Dear

    affiliates marketing is great way and Update but not overdo really yes this is fact overdo is not good for your blog and thanks for sharing me. :-)

  • These all tips on starting a new affiliate marketing program are really awesome. All tips are helpful indeed. Keep sharing.. :)

  • Affliate Program does means a lot of bucks if you are working smartly. But i have seen bloggers writing all praises about the product but they themselves not using that product. So yes Honesty is very big thing to gain visitors trust. Very useful post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks you sharing information, the point you mentioned about to be honest, yes.. that’s very important and main part of any affiliate program, if seller be honest and it will automatic achieve more and more success. Thanks again for sharing good tips

  • nice tips..
    affiliate marketing program is great way to expand the business

  • Hello Christina,
    Thanks for sharing.
    We should be honest about the product.I like your tips.They are pretty awesome.
    Once again Thanks.

  • Hi,
    Very nice points you have pointed out.
    Affiliate marketing is must for any business. Affiliate sales gives a big exposure to the turnover.
    Not being a pro in blogging and Internet Marketing, I think starting an affiliate program for the own blog having less traffic is not a good idea.
    Starting this type of program takes lot of efforts and hard work.
    Newbies like me would mostly fail to achieve this goal,

  • Provide your affiliate partners with creative and promotional material. You want to make their job of marketing your products or services as easy as possible. The less work they have to do and the more conversions they see the more likely they are to promote your products or services.

  • All this tips for starting an Affiliate Marketing Program are terrific! The best way to promote any affiliate products is to try it first. This will give you insight on the product and easier to sell.

  • Personal contacts work out great when you are thinking of starting a new affiliate marketing program. Not only for that, you can use your network for a lot of things like promotions to getting some new clients too :)

  • Thanks bro all these tips are really interesting and worth trying . I am very much unsuccessful in affiliate marketing. Thanks for your tips as i was planning to starting affiliate marketing from the beginning. I found this tips very much informative.

  • Great data man! This has great information on starting an affiliate program. Great for beginners and for experienced people.

  • What are best ways to promote products?

    • Hi Ben Troys.
      The best strategy to promote products is that you drive traffic -> subscribers -> promote product via email marketing

  • Great article… I’ve been contemplating whether to venture into affiliate marketing.
    Your article provided some sound advice and direction. Thanks

  • good post, now, i use amazon affiliate, maybe lot of blogger use it, but still lot of affiliate program that can you join

  • Hi,
    I appreciate to your work wonderful written and easily to learn.
    Every point clearly mention this blog.
    Thanks for the posting.

  • Thank for information, I build list email but It’s not helpfull

  • Affiliates marketing is great way.Thanks for share

  • Nice article, affiliate marketing is always a interesting subject for me. as a blogger i use affiliate marketing for earn money online.

  • Personally, the “less is more” advice is the most valuable tip that anyone should learn about affiliate marketing. The purpose of this type of marketing is to get people to buy the product you’re selling. If you bombard your sales page with links from different advertisers, then the practice of affiliate marketing becomes futile. Great post!

  • Everyone pay attention to #5. A friend of mine lost a huge amount of credibility when she advocated a product that was bogus.

    Another thing especially with software and e-books is to get in touch with the creator. Talk with them on the phone a bit. It will provide you with an idea as to whether it is a good product, they may even GIVE you the product to try if you endorse it (the bigger your audience the easier this is to make happen) and you may even be able to get an interview for your blog and podcast.

  • Hello,

    I believe, We should first do research. Not Just research but also analyze the competition. Because targeting something which is saturated cannot be achieved in short time thus results in loosing confidence.

    Also, Doing Split Testing will also help you to learn more about the competition and the trends.

    Source: My own experience in CPA Marketing ;)


  • Many blogger still dependent on ads for main income but affiliate marketing also matter a lot. Thanks for providing this useful info.

  • Before Starting An Affiliate Marketing Program , You Should Visit Amazon And Clickbank For Choosing The Products You Want To Sale.,I Think Clickbank Is Best Because It Gives You More Than 70% Profit..This Article Was Very Helpful To Me In Many Views . Regards Jessica.

  • I Like your tips.I try it.Thank for share

  • Everything starts from hard to moderate to perfect. It’s just have to take it with focus and determination!

  • affiliates marketing is great way. I love it because it change my life

  • Honesty is always the best policy!

  • Honesty and sincerity is all that it takes!

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