Why Niche Blogs Work Well in Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is always considered the most challenging model for generating commissions especially those who have just started working with affiliate programs without any experiences. I have struggled with myself that why I could not generate any sales for such a long time since I started working with affiliate networks and finally I found my own way to go with affiliate marketing and it can be of your interest too.

High volume of traffic to your websites can generate a lot of clicks or impressions that can be good for PPC or CPM, it can also, at the same time, generate a lot of fraudulent clicks that can lead to termination of your account and your earning will never be paid. Affiliate marketing does not need general traffic but targeted visitors who can really sign up or generate sales for you.

Many bloggers and webmasters are now building up a magazine sites or technology-related blogs which cover a wide range of information. You can write up 10+ articles about technology-related news, products and services which is similar to other big sites, therefore, you are not competitive with those BIG sites and very limited to generate sales even zero. It is not good model for affiliate marketing while micro-niche sites work very well.

niche blog Why Niche Blogs Work Well in Affiliate Marketing?

Putting yourself as a prospect who are searching for a specific product for your project like Magic members plugin, are you confident buying it from a general news sites where you will find nothing about this tool, just a banner? I will never do that as I will put myself at risk with uninformed decision and time-consuming when I am not happy with that tool and want to make a refund. Micro-niche blogs will provide readers with more comprehensive information about one product or even one aspect of the product that other blogs have never mentioned before. This will encourage readers to make purchase easily.

I have tested two micro-niche sites on ebook and laptop which auto-aggregate products information from Amazon on autopilot. It does not violate Amazon policies or TOS as I use an API feature that is permitted by Amazon and it generated a lot of sales every month now.

Compared to other news-related sites with 10x times of traffic higher, these micro-niche sites still generate 50X times of sales per month. That is why I have planned to build up more micro-niche sites in the coming months and it can be a good example for you all too.

To do so, you need to be good at your niche or micro-niche you are going with. The sale ratio must be higher than any news-related sites. If you are working with health niche, you should focus on a smaller part of health like weight loss, skin care….or any tutorials to avoid side effects of a curtain weight loss pills.

Don’t expect that a high volume of traffic general news websites can bring up high volume of sales as it is at least wrong to me and many other high profile bloggers.

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  • Tinh is right and he is also behind my affiliate journey.
    when a buyer visit a site and look that this website is for particular product,that he is searching ,90 % chances he will buy
    take it like , you are proving authority to visitor that we are professionals

    • Thanks friend. I just want to share what I have done with a little success and you guys can consider it an success story too :-)

      • Congrat.. I’m still not success in affiliate marketing.. Need more study in this topic..

        • That is challenging for the beginners but it will be sweet when you have income, no more fraudulent or invalid clicks like Adsense

          • Yes..i like what you said… when we get money form blogging, it is best moment…

  • This should be common sense, no? One topic sites should always fair better then multiples, as long as there are productions fitting that one topic….this should be priority check #1 before going micro-niche.

  • Didn’t you have commentluv? And a subscribe to comments plugin?

  • Thanks Tinh
    It is meant for beginners

    • It means for everyone dude but newbie bloggers really need this to start their career with affiliate marketing :-)

  • Some people found their success through affiliate marketing while some had a hard time earning using this strategy. I totally agree with you, the greater the traffic is the better the result. This has always been the case.

    • The conversion rate depends too much on traffic :-)

      • I totally agree that’s why working hard to increase traffic is a must no matter how hard it is.

        • Yes, it is not easy at all and that is why we need to work harder and harder too :-)

  • you right… if our blog is focus to 1 niche… we can easy to get money from affiliate…

    • That is why most of so-called internet millionaire on the internet running this model :-)

  • I think a single micro niche site can beat more than 10-20 general sites in terms of revenue…. i am also planning to create such sites, but it needs good research…

  • Not only for affilated marketing in every field niche is most important.

    • Yes, thanks dude :-)

      P/S: You are the one who marks my first 5k comments :-)

  • I always target for monthly global search traffic from 6000-10,000.All i do is submit it to top 5 bookmarking sites.Also 1 have a Facebook fan page of 150fans and twitter posting.

    A month after the post i would start building back links to each post which would be 5-10 back links from related blogs.(not a blog which ranks for the exact keyword am targeting)

    Any one could get very good traffic this way.

  • Affiliate has more comission than other revenue programs !!

    • metoo, but it is difficult
      I started with in-text and late i wil make aff

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