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What You Need To Do When Your Sale Volumes Go Down?

It is a real nightmare when your sales volume go does seriously one day and you must be worried about this if you are a full time blogger. Why? You are earning a living online and revenue means your salary and it is ideal to have revenue up every month. However, it can be down one day when the market is saturate or your competitors have better strategies than yours. It is high time to look back and see how to kill your competitors and improve your earning with affiliate programs.

No one can guarantee that online revenue can increase all the time if you don’t know your clients’ demand and how to serve them better. The most popular ways that most I have been doing are that showed great conversion rate for your reference as below:

sales go down What You Need To Do When Your Sale Volumes Go Down?

Refresh your advertising campaigns:

With your loyal readers, they might be familiar with your advertising campaigns. If you want to get their attention to your promoted products and services, you should refresh their mind by different ways. You can change banners, text or even add more testimonials to your blog to motivate them click to buy. Some click to actions (CTA) buttons are good to consider. You can also rotate your campaign for every refresh of your readers by using plugins such as MaxblogPress Banner Ads Pro…

Doing a quick polls/survey to explore your clients’ needs:

You have a lot of new readers coming from your campaigns or SEO efforts everyday but you can’t be sure of their interest or what products/services they need. The best way is to run a live poll/survey on your blog using PollDaddy plugin or other tools. From its results, you will know what to see and how to sell it better.

Giving more benefits to your readers with coupons, vouchers or giveaway:

Putting several products and services on your site for a long time and your competitors are doing the same thing, how to motivate your readers click and buy at your site rather than other sites? You should give them something to do this. All online shoppers love coupons or offer, you can get boost sales by sharing discount coupons for your products/services. This works very well at least with AZBlogTips.

Finding new products and services to promote:

If you have about 1,500 new and return readers per day and 1% of them reading your blog to find products and services potential to buy that you introduce, that means they are all likely your prospects and you can’t ask them to buy twice for one product/service.  If you want to get more sales or seeing your sale volume up, you should think about new products and services soon. I have done this way and good as more sales to come every day now.

I have been testing all of these methods and it worked very well. I can come to a conclusion that our readers always need new things that can refresh their mind and eyes. You should provide more juice for your readers.

Frankly, I can’t guarantee these methods will work well for you all as it depends so much on your efforts and persistence as well as your patience to follow all of these strategies. Further, your readers might be different from ours so you need to analyze their needs to serve them the right products and services.

Anything you would like to add or share is always welcome in the comment form.