Tips to Start a New Affiliate Marketing Program

The concept of extending compensation to a person or group that generates leads, drives up traffic or causes sales to happen, for the merchant, is called affiliate marketing. There are many advantages to affiliate marketing for a company. It saves you the work of finding customers, since the affiliate handles this very important aspect. It is in the affiliate’s best interests to find the best customers since the payment happens when a visitor is converted to a customer. Apart from the network fee, the process is cost effective for the merchant as well. There is added visibility for your brand because the affiliate knows where to place advertisements for the most visibility. No wonder then that the common belief is that affiliate marketing is the simplest way to get into the world of online marketing.

If you’re looking to start a new affiliate marketing program, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Find the right spot-or create one

It is logical that people are not going to spend money on just anything. So find out what’s missing or what’s limited in number and plug that gap. This is important because unless money is spent, you won’t make any. Do a little bit of market research, find out an emerging market or cutting edge product and see how you can be part of the whole process. Try the hot trends service from Google or choose keywords to give you workable ideas.

2. Less is more for ads

Once you’ve found a niche and created a website, make sure you update it regularly. We mean update not crowd or clutter. So think along the lines of ‘less is more’. Do away with distracting advertisements and tons of offers from affiliates. What you need is one well-placed ad. If you need more ads, go with one banner ad, one in the text and one on the side. The idea is to click on the ad after they’ve read up on what’s on offer. So keep it simple and focus on fewer distractions.

3. Update, not overdo

Apart from finding relevant ads, you must also work at keeping your content contemporary. Take the time to go through what you’ve put out there and prune, trim and cut if required. Regular updates will ensure that you give your customers the latest news and deals and this will surely score big with them. Content is an effective way to grab eyeballs and seeing how it is the first thing a visitor will notice, make sure it is well written.

4. Think personal contact

The good thing about online marketing is instant connect with the audience. If a visitor has to leave an email id or has an option of signing up for your mailing list, even if he does not buy a product, it can help grow your customer base. You can even throw in a free product or a great offer for each sign up. Making them a part of your mailing list opens up channels of communication and gives the customer the advantage of information. What’s more, the chances of a customer clicking on a link in the email are very bright too. That means more revenue for you. So do consider creating a list.

5. Try the product yourself

If yours is an affiliate marketing plan for a product promotion, do try it out before you promote it. There’s nothing like first-hand information and experience to close a deal. This will also be vital to you because it is your recommendation that people are going to rely on. If you don’t want a loss of reputation, it is better to know what you’re selling or promoting. This is in your best interests, because a bad experience could mean a clamoring for refunds- an end result you can surely avoid.

6. Be honest

Keeping with the previous point, if you’re reviewing a product, do so with honesty. Don’t sugarcoat it, don’t gloss over or pretend that faults do not exist. Tell the customer both sides of the story- you’ll be the better for it. Building trust takes time and effort and you can start right when you speak right.

Affiliate marketing requires effort and consistent hard work. Don’t go in expecting overnight results- it does not work that way. Maintain high standards and keep your eye on the goal.

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CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?


Are you making money with Google Adsense and struggling with low revenue? If yes, you are in the same situation with many bloggers who are running PPC ads on their sites. The problem here is not sometimes coming from your low quality contents or traffic, it can likely come from the placements of your ads or your ad unit size you are running. Why? Let’s discuss this and we will find the better way to maximize your adsense revenue.

I myself have been running Google Adsense on many site from authority to niche sites and experienced this issue from one to another. Some sites with low traffic get higher CPC than the sites with high volume of traffic. That’s why I came to a conlusion that the way we show our ads to readers play an important role in boosting our revenue. Of course, there are many other factors influencing your online revenue too.

Google has suggested its publishers to test out different ad units to optimize their revenue online and few of them did the right way. Optimizing the ad placements without adsense policy violation would help very much in boosting our revenue. This can’t be done manually and most of us usually choose the right themes or plugins to do this. I have tested out several themes called adsense-optimized themes but most of them did not work properly until I tried CTR theme.

CTR Theme Plus is not new to many of you have I am sure that many of you here have tried this theme too. The revenue from Google Adsense from previous themes compared to new theme is different in terms of clicks and further, it also protects us from click bombing from your competitors too.

Let’s have a look at this theme control panel and see why it helps:

CTR plus admin 600x351 CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

CTR Theme Plus Admin Panel

You have different parts to optimize your site and you have up to now 10 sub-themes to use if you think the current sub-theme does not work well. The same volume of traffic and contents but the revenue is different between themes you are using. That’s what I have experienced.

CTR subthemes CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

CTR Theme Plus Sub-themes

The most important part that makes this theme exclusive from others in the market is that it offers you 7 layouts of ads display. That means every time your blog/post are viewed, adsense ads will show at different positions and match with your site color too. This will help you draw more attention from your readers and you will likely get more clicks from them too. The theme does it automatically without any support from third party plugins.

CTR Theme Plus Ad Layouts CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

CTR Theme Plus Ad Layouts

Another point that I love about this section is that it can help you track which layout bring the most clicks to your site and you can keep it like doing a A/B split testing. This is the part that other themes can’t offer you:

CTR ad layouts CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

CTR Theme Plus Ads Tracking

That is not all this theme has. Why so? Google Adsense says that you are the only one who can keep your account in good standing. That means you are the one who has to protect your account, not Google or anyone else. The more click bombing or fraudulent clicks your sites receive, the higher chance your account will likely get disabled. That is the issue most of us worried about. That is also the reason why most of us don’t want to show the sites we are placing adsense ads on. CTR theme plus has built this feature for us called Click Bombing Protection:

CB Protect Settings CTR Theme Plus Will Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue?

Click Bombing Protection Settings

With this feature on, you are safely running Google Adsense on any sites without worries about click bombing. What you need to do is to configure how your adsense ads should be displayed for each IP or how many clicks one visitor can make for a specific period. That is awesome feature I have never seen elsewhere. You would love this as I do now.

There are many other features about CTR theme plus and you will get more sub-theme over the time. It is a theme with continuous improvement and you can use on unlimited sites for life.

If you buy it today, you will save $30 and it is worth your investment as I do.

Are you using this theme on your money sites with adsense? Please share your comments!


List Eruption 2.0 Reviews – Viral List Building Plugin For WordPress

list eruption 250x250

As I remembered that I have not written any reviews for nearly 1.5 years now. There are numerous reasons to this abnormal habit but the most important thing that prevented me doing so was my heavy workload with some big plans.

The most challenging plan that several of you might know is that I have just accepted an offer from AusAID for 2 years doing master degree at The University of Melbourne, Australia starting this June. Another big project and not less challenging one is my training course for Vietnamese bloggers. These two projects consume most of my time and I have had a feeling that I should sell this blog to stay focused on other things but I did not. That seems to be a right decision at least now icon smile List Eruption 2.0 Reviews   Viral List Building Plugin For WordPress

Today I would like to share with you my real experiences using List eruption plugin version 1.2 as the list eruption 2.0 is not released yet until May 9 11:00 EST.

My list eruption 2.0 reviews is most based on my experiences using list eruption 1.2 but I think that there are no big changes between two versions in terms of functions.

list eruption 2 reviews List Eruption 2.0 Reviews   Viral List Building Plugin For WordPress

List Eruption 2 Referral System

Looking at my first ever video review for the list eruption 2.0, you will see how powerful this tool is in terms of list building and how it can make it viral through its own referral and rewarding system:

The video show you list eruption 1.2 version back-end and you are aware of its features and how it will make your list building viral right?

Not much to share now as all are mentioned visually in my video and the only thing you should be aware that if you are interested in getting a copy of list eruption 2.0 tomorrow, you can think about ordering it via this list eruption 2.0 reviews site and enjoy our great bonuses.


Things To Know: Why and What We Should Do in SEO

SEO Tips

Those who want to make a positive name in the web world, then they should opt for proper SEO techniques. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the necessary approach to make a website gain tremendous visibility in the virtual world. Anyone who is carrying out business or marketing through the internet should opt for proper and viable SEO techniques. In modern day world, SEO strategies are a to carry out business through the internet. These strategies has proved to be highly beneficial in the overall growth of the website while making continuous effort in increasing the traffic content. Internet marketers will benefit tremendously from these strategies, specifically those who are totally novice to online business or marketing concepts.

Let’s discuss certain things that online entrepreneurs and marketers should do while opting for SEO strategies and techniques.

Before diving totally into the SEO thing, the user should keep in mind one thing. The user should focus on the inner parts of the project, i.e website design and development. This part of the job should be carried out in a proper way. In short, the website should look attractive along with easy to understandable contents.

Designing the website should be carried out carefully. Always keep in mind about the creativity factor. The design should not be complicated. The contents should be written in easy and simple language format. To make the site catchier, the developer can input graphics and image to the website. However, too many image and extreme graphics can spoil the show. It can create a negative impact. Always keep in mind that the site should feature unique and original content. It will help in keeping the interest of visitors intact. Contents should be original and non-plagiarized. This is one of the major fundamentals of SEO techniques. Make sure that things included in the website are totally relevant to the theme. Notable Search Engines focus on not one but several factors while providing rank to websites. Some of the most important factors do include content of the web pages, keyword density, originality, easy navigation, links, etc. It is a must for the developer to create crawler paths as well sitemaps so that Search Engines can recognize easily. All these practices can lead to improvement of the website ranking in those particular search engines, thus ensuring higher page visits.

Always focus on the quality of content rather than quantity. This is applicable to both the fresher as well experienced campaigners. If large percentage of content is of very poor quality or plagiarized, then experiencing higher ranking in search engines will remain in the dreams. Always keep in mind that there is no harm in inputting less content. But those contents should be high in quality and catchy enough to attract traffic and engage them for more time range. Also, the contents need to be informative and beneficial for visitors.

Proper labeling of web pages is crucial. Backward linking should be done carefully and manually. No software tool should be used for the purpose. The page contents should be sectioned well will effective sub headings.

Before logging off, just one more thing: ensure that the site pages are updated on a regular/frequent basis. This will help in attracting more traffic.

About The Author: Brianne is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes in Ivo Labar. Find here Ivo Labar  Twitter profile.


How to Manage and Measure Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

ppc campaign

The rapid advancement of the internet has paved the way for various means to earn money online and one such is PPC. Abbreviated as Pay-Per-Click campaign, it is a generally a method to generate traffic to web pages and websites. It usually involves the owner placing an advertisement on the blogs and pages of the publishers and pay them whenever their advertisement is clicked or accessed from their website. The payment procedures and the display positions generally tend to vary from website to website and owner to owner.

One of the major misconceptions regarding PPC campaigns is that they are successful, regardless of the effort you put. This is one hundred percent wrong assumption. A poorly managed and run PPC campaign can lead to the decline of the brand of products completely. It all depends on how well you manage and measure its performance. So, read on to learn how PPC can be managed and measured effectively for a sustained functioning.



By research we mean the analysis on the trending keywords. In simple words, keywords are nothing but the search terms people use in their search engines to get what they want. As an advertiser, it is our primary requirement to recognize what people search and cater to their needs. So, do a complete research on the prevailing keywords and act accordingly. This changes from time to time and you may take up the assistance of some keyword research tools to accomplish this feat.


Organizing the campaign helps you to get an insight about your performance and forms the vital part of PPC management. So, organize and sort your campaign into sub-categories so that it is easier for you to determine the class and write an advertisement copy correspondingly.

Harness the power of Analytics:

Analytics offers the best information on the page views, conversion rates, bounce rates, traffic generated, and time spent on the page and other vital information about your campaign. So, run a trial copy of your advertisement, look up the analytics to learn its performance and make the necessary corrective measures.

Landing Pages:

Your brand can benefit more if the traffic is redirected to your website’s landing pages. But, as a part of managerial process, what you should ensure is that the traffic redirected is relevant to the user’s keyword. A wrong redirection can leave a completely bad impression about your campaign. So, make sure the keywords match the landing page and if not replace them!


Quality Score:

This forms one of the primary ways to measure your campaign’s performance. The term quality score is the measurement of the relevancy of the keywords to the advertisements placed and redirected. This is the same that we saw above. Maintaining a higher quality score will mean that the keywords match to the advertisements and will ensure the longevity of your campaign.

Conversion Rates:

One of the other important things to measure the campaign’s success is by checking the conversion rates. Conversion rates will give you detailed information on the number of clicks that have converted into sales. This process will also indicate if the campaign is heading towards profit or a potential loss.

Keyword Metrics:

Keyword metrics refers to the assessment of which keyword attracts more number of clicks and which attracts more conversions. This will help you in determining on which keywords to work and replace and which ones to prioritize. Online tools may be helpful in this one.

So, these were some of the ways to manage and measure your Pay-Per-click campaign. You can carry out any strategies to get business but the focus should be on the conversion rates because sales are our primary concern, honestly!

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